‘Lady of the Rings' game launched by Valery Demure


Objet d’Emotion x Ecru launch Jewellery Memory Game

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Valery Demure, Founder of Objet d’Emotion, is proud to present the ‘Lady of the Rings” Memory Game, in collaboration with Nur Kaoukjhi, Creative Director of Ecru.

With the challenges 2020 presents, we’ve learnt to adjust to a slower pace and enjoy simple pleasures. Spending time with her daughter Paloma reminded Valery of her own childhood, playing memory games with her grandmother Marie-Louise. Valery has travelled extensively, India being one of her favourite places, Jaipur connecting with her more intimately due to its jewellery history. As well as the beauty she admired, she also witnessed the obstacles the communities are facing there, more so now during this crisis.

Working in a way natural to her, Valery rallied together with creative friends to produce a unique product, celebrating the vision and skills of her beloved jewellers. Screen prints illustrated by Silvia Seravalle, an Italian watercolour artist and close friend, are printed onto 24 recycled & handmade paper cards. These cards capture 12 designs from jewellers represented by Objet D’Emotion. The precious cards are enclosed in a printed box, crafted with the paper by Priti Craft Boat in Jaipur.

Similar to her childhood and the new objects we’ve created for quality time, The Lady of The Rings game inspires all to resist modern complexities and to relish in lovely quality time. Proceeds will be donated to The Disha Foundation in Jaipur, a resource centre for the special education and vocation of disabled children and to keep the craftsmanship alive during these difficult times in India.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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