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Here is a round up of last week's international jewellery news...

How The Jewelry Industry Is Mobilizing To Stamp Out Racism

Forbes: In the wake of the global social justice movement over recent weeks, black jewelry designers have found themselves thrust front and center as consumers look for ways to show their support.

Shiny new business idea from Chippenham jeweller

Wiltshire Times: Chippenham jeweller Tamara Eggleston has had a Eureka moment. She had to cancel her silver jewellery making workshops due to lockdown back in March. So she has invented a home jewellery making kit to keep her business going.

The best high jewellery from Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

Tatler: Paris's Couture Fashion Week isn't all about the decadent gowns, it's also the time prestigious jewellery designers present their dazzling high jewellery collections. Here is Tatler's Watch and Jewellery editor's selection of the finest pieces.

Lizzo & Oprah’s Favourite Fine Jewellery Brand Is Pleasingly Affordable

Vogue: “Jewellery is my favourite topic to talk about,” Noura Sakkijha, co-founder and CEO of Mejuri, tells British Vogue, practically fizzing with excitement about her affordable fine jewellery brand.

Gold soars despite slump in demand in key jewellery markets

FT: Figures from the World Gold Council point to strong interest from financial investors.

Candy-Coloured Beads Are 2020’s Most Joyful Jewellery Trend

Vogue: Gold chains have proven popular with the WFH crowd looking to spice up their waist-up wardrobes for Zoom, but there’s a new jewellery trend muscling in on their territory – and it’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

Make Peridot The Prettiest New Addition To Your Jewellery Box

Vogue: Peridot is one of the jewellery world’s most understated – and under-celebrated – stones. Stars tend to opt for that other, flashier green gem, the emerald, when dressing for the red carpet, but August’s birthstone, thought to help balance emotions and the mind, has plenty to recommend it, too.

Investment demand lifting gold prices despite slower jewellery purchases

London Loves Business: The Invesco Physical Gold ETC has seen more than $3.5bn of inflows this year – more than a quarter of all flows into European domiciled gold ETCs – and is now Invesco’s largest European product with $13.5bn of assets under management.

10 of Rihanna's most glittering jewellery moments

Harpers Bazaar: From shimmering hoops to layers of sparkling diamonds, RiRi has rocked them all.


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