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News Edit: 30 September 2018

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A round up of this week's international jewellery news...

The Jewellery Brand Casting Three-Dimensional Scans in Silver

All Blues is launching a revolutionary three-dimensional scanning service that allows for almost anything to be turned into a piece of jewellery.

Dior's Victoire de Castellane on why, after 20 years, she's still ripping up the high jewellery rulebook

Seismic changes rarely occur in the jewellery world. Material values are so high and the risks so great that houses are crippled by conservatism, averse to trying anything different...

Bulgari celebrates women with jewellery exhibition in Moscow

Russia’s Moscow Kremlin Museums are hosting a retrospective exhibition of Bulgari creations, of which will run until Jan 13, 2019.

Graff Celebrates First Anniversary In Singapore With Exhibition Of Rare Jewels

Graff lives up to its reputation as the King of Diamonds with an exquisite display of extraordinary gemstones.

Meaning-Centred Design Awards shortlist announced

The shortlist of 18 shortlisted finalists in six categories for the first Meaning-Centred Design Awards has been unveiled. The awards recognise designs that radically innovate what things mean to consumers and markets.

Noor Fares balances mysticism with modernity in Prana, her new chakra-inspired jewellery collection

A jewellery line inspired by Kundalini yoga conjures up images of beaded hemp bracelets or lucky-charm-adorned strings whose packaging declares ‘Keep Calm and Downward Dog’.

My Favourite Pieces: Sara Jane Ho on feng shui and jewellery

Entrepreneur who teaches Chinese women etiquette adheres to principles of harmony

Jewellery’s Most Famous Pieces Are Going On Display In One Epic Exhibition

On the 13th December 2011. a hush spread around Christie's as seven world auction records were broken in one evening with the sale of Elizabeth Taylor’s most prized jewellery collection.


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