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News Edit: 3 June 2018

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A round up of this week's international jewellery news...

Richemont to Buy Watchfinder as Pre-Owned Watch Market Heats Up

NY Times: Swiss luxury goods group Richemont SA said on Friday it is to buy Limited.

De Beers to Sell Diamonds Made in a Lab

Bloomberg: De Beers, which almost single-handedly created the allure of diamonds as rare, expensive and the symbol of eternal love...

De Beers admits defeat over man-made diamonds

CNN: The world's largest diamond miner is doing the unthinkable: Selling stones produced in a laboratory.

Cindy Chao set to be the only Asian jeweller to display at Masterpiece London

South China Morning Post: Fascination with greenness of emeralds feeds Cindy Chao’s imagination

Buccellati specialises in engraving techniques to create special effects for its jewellery

SCMP: The Italian fine jeweller uses engraving techniques such as Rigato, Telato and Modellato to create dazzling effects...

How To Become A Jewellery Designer

Vogue: Think you know your cuts from your carats? Miss Vogue breaks down the essential skills for those who want to work with the most precious materials of all.

Alhambra: The First Feminist Jewellery?

Vogue: How the creations of Van Cleef & Arpels 50 years ago, in an era of revolt and counter culture, are still relevant to independent women today.

Lady Kitty Spencer has some exciting news!

Hello: Sparkly times ahead for the niece of the late Princess Diana…

Mental Illness Necklaces Bando Jewellery Brand Criticism Anxiety Depression

The Independent: An American jewellery brand has come under fire for producing a collection of necklaces aimed to destigmatise mental illness.

Bright, playful and original

The Telegraph: The brief for David Morris’ head designer for the joyous new Berry collection was to do something sweetie or berry-like, youthful, and brightly coloured.



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