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Here is a round up of last week's international jewellery news...

Katherine Ryan revealed as host of BBC Two's All That Glitters

I Talk Telly: The six-part series sets out to find the UK’s next up-and-coming jewellery star.

Caroline Scheufele and the passion for Gemology

CEO World: Caroline Scheufele’s passion for gemstones began long before she began designing jewellery for Chopard. As a little girl, whilst her peers played with dolls, Caroline Scheufele played with diamonds.

Scarborough auction this week for family collection of jeweller-watchmaking dynasty begun by Samuel Sharpe

The Scarborough News: The private family collection of an historic jeweller-watchmaking dynasty is up for auction in Scarborough this week.

From chains to triple hoops: 7 jewellery trends to know

Vogue: When it comes to navigating ever-changing accessories trends, we typically look to three main sources of inspiration: the runway, the street style stars milling around the runway, and the figures which dominate our social feeds.

Jewellery designer, 30, who sells 2,000 engagement rings a year

Daily Mail: …reveals the most popular cuts and colours - and how to tell the difference between a fake diamond and a real one.

Bulgari’s Latest Exhibition Brings Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewellery to Hong Kong

Tatler: Bulgari's new exhibition "The Masters of Color" celebrates the brand's relationship with history's most stylish women and its passion for colour.

‘Poland and Italy are wonderful, but our lives are in Cork now’

Irish Times: New to the Parish: Alex Thiel Didu, a jeweller, arrived from Poland in 2008.

I think my wife is mad to leave her well-paid job and start a jewellery business

The Telegraph: She enjoyed furlough so much that she has developed a fantasy life where she gets to stay at home all day, doing her favourite thing.

World Humanitarian Day 2020: Fashion brands that give back, from jewellery to clothing

The Independent: For feel-good buys that will make a difference, read our round-up of brands that are supporting good causes.

Michelle Obama’s necklace and the power of political jewellery — from suffragettes to a secretary of state

Womans Agenda: Using jewellery to communicate a political message is neither new or unusual, writes Elizabeth Shaw from Griffith University in this piece republished from The Conversation.

Meet the Irish jeweller at the cutting edge of latest developments in ethical jewellery

Irish Mirror: Diamond expert, Eric McGuire told how lab-grown diamonds are fast becoming the favoured choice in the Irish jewellery.

Peridot Jewellery Is Having A Moment

Vogue: Clear green peridot has a chequered past. Its few moments in the fashion spotlight have been brief.

Jeweller offers training to young people at new shop

Henley Standard: A jeweller is to open a second shop in Henley less than two years after launching his first.


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