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News Edit: 15th November 2020

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Here is a round up of this week's international jewellery news...

5 Black UK-Based Designers Reshaping The World Of Haute Jewellery

Vogue: The fine jewellery industry can seem an intimidating one to those looking up at its exquisitely gem-set ivory tower from beyond its walls.

Meet The Ingenious Jewellery Designers Using NASA-Approved Materials & Ancient Bamboo-Weaving Techniques To Create Desirability

Vogue: Motley jewellery fans, get ready. The e-tailer, which specialises in exceptional jewellery design at an accessible price, has just unveiled its latest collection with designer Alice Cicolini.

Why Andrew Grima, the jeweller beloved of Bond girls and royalty, continues to enchant

The Telegraph: Swinging London's grooviest jeweller, Andrew Grima's celebrity lifestyle was every bit as fabulous as his jewels.

The most stunning jewellery with green gemstones

Prestige Online: Green gemstones are prized as symbols of rebirth and abundance across cultures. Here, we single out eight scene-stealing verdant pieces.

Pandora paying all staff in full through pandemic

BBC: The world's biggest jeweller, Pandora, has no plans for the permanent closure of any of its thousands of stores despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Jeweller Pippa Small sees sustainability rising up consumers’ agenda

FT: Designer has noticed the ethical fashion conversation reaching a broader audience.

Essex covid: Chelmsford woman's open letter after she's made redundant for second time in months

Essex Live: Jessica has had an outpouring of support from thousands of people for her post.

My light bulb moment: Jewellery brand founder Cecily Motley reveals why she decided to start designing mid-market options

Daily Mail: Cecily Motley, 33, co-founded affordable fine jewellery brand Motley in October 2017 with Ilana Lever, 32. She lives in London with her husband, Oliver.

Eadestown mum quits job to set up jewellery business

Leinester Leader: New venture: exciting new jewellery designer launches covid creations collection from Kildare studio.

Call of the Wild: Watches that are inspired by the beauty of wildlife

Prestige Online: Extraordinary decorative and innovative techniques bring to life marvels of the natural world.

TheBrand | Fine jeweller Thelma West on breaking into an impossible industry

Harpers Bazaar: The designer opens up about sustainability, creativity and being a Black woman in the jewellery world.

5 jewellery trends to experiment with this Diwali

Times of India: Festive season gives you the perfect reason to add some bling to your wardrobe. With the spirit of celebrations in the air, Diwali calls for getting bejewelled in panache and grace.

China Academy of Art teaches students to ‘reinvent its heritage’

FT: School encourages designers to breathe new life into traditional crafts.

How fine jewellery buying has changed since the pandemic

Tater: Booming digital sales show an e-comm revolution.

Editor's Note: High Jewellery Launches in 2020 Are Fewer But No Less Spectacular

Asia Tatler: High jewellery creations this year are less ornate, more wearable and boast interesting and unique gemstone combinations that will make the wear the centre of attraction.

Luxury goods: why elite brands are weathering the pandemic better than high street retailers

The Conversation: Clothes shops are among the worst hit retailers from the coronavirus pandemic. Sales in the UK are still well down on pre-March levels.


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