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A round up of this week's international jewellery news...

‘Forensic jeweller’ to take starring role in BBC crime programme

The Courier: A Dundee University student who is on track to become the world’s first “forensic jeweller” will appear on a BBC historical crime series on Monday.

Back to black: jewellery turns to the dark side

How to Spend it:  Black is inspiring innovation, as jewellery designers explore unorthodox materials and game-changing applications in a quest for the perfect hue.

The Best Sculptural Jewellery To Buy Right Now

The Times: This season’s designs are clean, sculptural and neutral. Introducing the new statement pieces.


A rare vintage jewellery collection

How to Spent It: A chance encounter with a long-lost acquaintance-turned-dealer became the making of an Italian financier’s seminal jewellery collection for his wife.

The summer's hottest necklace and Graff's art-inspired designs

The Telegraph: Chokers, rivière necklaces, strings of pearls: they all have their place in the jewellery landscape.

The Jeweller Putting Africa First

Vouge: Vania Leles has journeyed across continents, but her gems show that her heart is in her homeland.

5 Jewellery designers reinventing pearls

Vogue: Stripped of its staid connotations, the natural gemstone is experiencing an edgy rebirth. Vogue dives into the world of pearls with five designers responsible for its renaissance.


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