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News Edit: 8 January 2023

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Here is a round up of this week's international jewellery news...

Moda Jewellery and Watch launch bursary for emerging jewellery designers

Fashion United: Jewellery and Watch (J&W), the UK’s biggest returning jewellery showcase taking place at Moda, has announced a New Jewels Bursary in collaboration with the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) and sponsored by Curteis Creates to offer an up-and-coming jewellery designer access to invaluable advice and support.

Independent spirit

The Guardian: Pearls & Pomegranates is a new ethical jewellery destination founded by Natalia Kübler with the conscious shopper in mind. Each purchase at Pearls & Pomegranates supports independent designers, donates 5% of profits to charity and saves 20m2 of Colombian rainforest.

Jewelry As Art: A Van Cleef & Arpels Exhibition Is Happening In Riyadh

About Her: Titled “Time, Nature, Love”, a Van Cleef & Arpels Exhibition will be landing in Riyadh on the 19th of January.

The Jewelry Edit’s Rosena Sammi Is Punching Above Her Weight

BoF: The designer and entrepreneur’s online collective just debuted its first pop-up store on a luxurious strip in in New York — featuring mostly women and minority designers — as she aims to shake up a notoriously exclusive sector.

Why is Recycled and Ethical Gold Trending with Global Jewellery Brands?

GIEPC: By 2025, Pandora, the world’s largest jewellery brand by volume will stop using newly mined silver and gold in its jewellery and only buy from recycled sources to meet its sustainability goals.

Cornish jewellery company switches to solely sourcing lab-grown diamonds

Yahoo: The Cornwall Jewellery Co has switched to solely sourcing lab-grown diamonds due to the sustainability and ethical sourcing issues for natural ones.

How high jewellery is becoming more sustainable and ethical – through unconventional materials, from Tiffany & Co.’s recycled gold and Boucheron’s asbestos-derived fillers, to even lab-grown diamonds

SCMP: Boucheron may have unveiled a new eco-material but Tiffany & Co. also recently launched its recycled gold line, while Chopard partners up with Gemfields and cooperative mines in Colombia and Bolivia.

Rapaport: Diamond Prices End Year With Decline

GIEPC: Diamond markets were quiet toward the end of December as wholesalers took vacation between Christmas and New Year, Rapaport reported.

Local lad makes it big in jewellery industry

Shep News: A husband, a son, an entrepreneur, and a rising star in the Australian jewellery industry. Mr Cullen is head of Cullen Jewellery, a multi-million-dollar business that sells moissanite and lab-made diamond rings to discerning customers.

Is gold getting old? How high jewellers fell for cheaper metals and bolder colours, from titanium at Chopard and aluminium at De Beers, to Boucheron’s silica aerogel and Hemmerle’s bronze infusions

SCMP: Forget traditional gold and platinum – high-end jewellery houses are pushing boundaries, with designers like Wallace Chan and Cindy Chao favouring titanium for its strength and lightness.

Unique jewellery brand inspired by Stoicism achieves full funding on Kickstarter in just 3 minutes

IDN Fashion: Emerton Scott, a socially-aware jewellery brand inspired by the principles of stoicism, launched its fundraising campaign on Kickstarter earlier this week.

Meet the jeweller using old NHS X-rays to create future heirlooms

Harpers Bazaar: "This is a previously unused source of silver that has been lying dormant until now".

Year in review: top 10 watches and jewellery posts of 2022, selected by Wallpaper’s Hannah Silver

Wallpaper: Wallpaper* watches & jewellery editor Hannah Silver reveals her top 10 watches and jewellery stories of 2022.

4 High-End Earring Trends Set To Makeover Your Jewellery Box In 2023

Luxury Lifestyle Mag: Whatever the occasion, these versatile pieces are some of the key items to splurge on for 2023, inspired by the spring/summer 2023 fashion week shows from London, New York, Paris and Milan.

Divers search Berlin’s Landwehr Canal for missing jewels from $120M ‘Green Vault’ heist

NY Post: Police divers scoured a Berlin canal Sunday in the hunt for priceless 18th-century jewels still missing from the 2019 looting of Dresden’s famous “Green Vault.”

How haute couture is inspiring new high jewellery collections, from Dior and Chanel, to Van Cleef & Arpels’ Legends of Diamonds, Chopard’s Red Carpet and Cindy Chao’s Gentlewoman Ribbon Cuff

SCMP: Couture-inspired high jewellery featured in these striking new collections, from Dior’s braid trims and transposed print florals to a magnificent ribbon cuff seven years in the making from Cindy Chao.

Croc star: Ivorian jewellery brand Ohiri has its roots in symbolism and sustainability

Wallpaper: Ohiri jewellery sees shared cultures and symbolic motifs come to life.

Art exhibition makes its only UK appearance in Winchester

Hampshire Chronicle: An International exhibition showcased metals and jewellery when it appeared in Winchester.

Jewellery designers to know in 2023, as tipped by Wallpaper’s Hannah Silver

Wallpaper: Jewellery designers to know in 2023: Wallpaper* watches & jewellery editor Hannah Silver on those set to shine.

These 5 Jewellery Trends Will Really Shine In 2023

Vogue: “Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

Is 3D printing the next big thing in high jewellery? Tiffany & Co., LVMH-owned Bulgari, Boucheron and Boghossian have all embraced the new technology in a world where handcraftsmanship is key

SCMP: The luxury jewellery industry is prized for its time-honoured craftsmanship, but more brands are turning to new technologies – like De Beers’ AR that allows clients to virtually ‘try on’ pieces.




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