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News Edit: 7 July 2023

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A round up of this week's national and international jewellery news...

Neons, leopard print and jewels: it’s pure maximalism for men at Dior

The Telegraph: Say goodbye to quiet luxury – Kim Jones' new collection fuses Gen-Z futurism with storied classicism.

Jewellery worth £20,000 to be sold at Goldsmiths North in Sheffield next month

Yorkshire Post: Jewellery worth up to £20,000 will be on display and up for sale at a specialist three-day selling fair in Yorkshire next month.

How to wear holiday jewellery this summer

SCMP: Have fun in the sun with Jacquie Aiche’s lapis lazuli anklets, squiggly diamond pieces from Bea Bongiasca or ‘gumdrop’ accessories at Irene Neuwirth.

Chopard celebrates 25 years as the official partner to Cannes Film Festival

Prestigue Online: Chopard has long been an official partner to the Cannes Film Festival since 1998. For the 76th edition of the prestigious event, Chopard was once again right there alongside numerous film actors, directors, and professionals.

Haute Joaillerie Edit

SCMP: De Beers Jewellers launches The Alchemist of Light high jewellery collection at Canton Road, Hong Kong, with 7 unique sets featuring 45 one-of-a-kind pieces.

Introducing By Pariah – the jewellery brand loved by Kendall, Hailey and Rosie HW

Harpers Bazaar: The demi-fine jewellery label celebrates craftsmanship and natural materials.

Stay up to date with the latest jewellery trends

LuxeBook: It’s easy to get wrapped up in updating your wardrobe to match the newest trends. However, with cut-outs and low-rise or baggy jeans, the latest fashion fads may get overwhelming when your ensemble selections become limitless.

Teeth jeweller to the stars bringing custom-made 'grillz' to Leicester city centre

Leicester Mercury: Leicester Gold Teeth at 1st Impressions has supplied gold, silver and diamond "grillz" to Love Island, TOWIE and pop stars.

Bangor: Historical mace saved by royal jeweller Wartski

BBC: A ceremonial mace used to mark a city's key events for 140 years has been repaired by a royal jeweller whose family has links to the area.

Rijksmuseum Acquires Salt Cellars by Silversmith Johannes Lutma, Following Restitution Process

Art Dependence: The Rijksmuseum has purchased four outstanding silver salt cellars made by the renowned Amsterdam silversmith Johannes Lutma.

Louis Vuitton goes to Greece to launch the new high jewelry: “This is how we win over customers”

Breaking Latest: When I was just a little girl and I could not imagine that jewels and stones would become the passion of my life, I spent my holidays in Greece and I remember the wonder I felt immersed in those landscapes. I was fascinated by everything, stones and shells included. It seemed to me that they had their own wisdom, that they helped me feel part not only of nature, but of the passage of time.

The New Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Takes Us On A Grand Tour

Vogue: High jewellery represents the pinnacle of the goldsmith’s craft, a fantasy of no-holds-barred, budget-be-damned design and giant diamonds.

Saint Laurent strikes gold with its first-ever fine jewellery collection

Vogue: With iconic motifs of the brand now interpreted in solid gold, the line is a must-have for all style mavens.

Nationalmuseum acquires silverwork by Anna Atterling

Art Daily: Nationalmuseum has received 25 silver artefacts, forming 11 works, generously donated by the artist Anna Atterling.

10 years ago

Henley Standard: A school of excellence in silversmithing and jewellery manufacture has received an award from Prince Charles.

Shrimps and Daisy London have collaborated on a playful jewellery range

Cosmopolitan: This is a match made in heaven, guys

Mum-of-two makes jewellery using leftover breast milk

Wales Online: Rachel Heinze struggled with breastfeeding when her son Lucas was born six weeks prematurely.

'I quit neuroscientist job to make jewellery from breast milk, ashes and hair'

Daily Star: Rachel Heinze, 29, packed in her job as a scientist to make very quirky jewellery. It turns out a lot of people want keepsakes made out of things such as ashes and breast milk.

What Is The Future Of Lab-grown Diamond Jewellery?

Scoop: Those who have shopped for jewellery recently may have been presented with the option of a more affordable, laboratory-grown diamond.




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