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News Edit: 26 March 2023

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Here is a round up of this week's international jewellery news...

How I Got Here: Loveness Lee opens up about the challenges of wearing all the hats in your business

Red Online: The London-based jewellery designer creates beautiful pieces inspired by nature.

Hailey Bieber can't stop wearing this affordable London-based jewellery brand

Marie Claire: A fashion-industry favourite.

Eden Confidential: While Mick, 79, rocks on, daughter Jade Jagger, 51, packs in her day job as she gives up designing fine jewellery

Daily Mail: Yet, I hear that the singer's daughter, Jade Jagger, is already giving up her career - at the tender age of 51.

Thomas Sabo give us plenty of personality with their jewellery

Rolling Stone: Model Lee Smith tries on Thomas Sabo's latest pieces and much loved classics for issue 10 of Rolling Stone UK.




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