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News Edit: 22 May 2022

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Here is a round up of this week's international jewellery news...

Glittering exhibition tells city’s story

Portsmouth Gov: Also on show will be precious silver items loaned by the Royal Navy, the city's Anglican cathedral and the Goldsmiths' Company Charity.

Ethical Jewelry Stunners for Cannes’ Red Carpet

Hollywood Reporter: These spectacular pieces will add a feel-good vibe at the film festival, part of the jewelry industry’s new standard of responsible sourcing of diamonds, gemstones and metals.

Russia impact: Surat diamond industry stares at massive job losses in June

Business Standard: The month of May offers some respite with 25 per cent workers sent on leave till June.

Diana’s sparkling Spencer Tiara on show for Jubilee jewels display

Guardian Series: The princess wore the family heirloom on her wedding day in 1981.

Furore over Emma Chamberlain’s Met Gala diamond necklace puts India’s ‘stolen jewels’ in spotlight

SCMP: The US YouTuber drew flak for wearing the Cartier-designed jewellery, which originally belonged to an Indian king, at the New York event’s red carpet.

886: the hot new eco jewellery brand to know

Evening Standard: Chloe Street speaks to bad boy bling designer Dominic Jones on his new gig with the Royal Mint.

Tight security brought in to protect some of Sydney's richest socialites and philanthropists

Daily Mail: …at exclusive charity Gold dinner as glamorous guests wear Bulgari jewels worth almost half a MILLION dollars.

Dundee TikTok star’s jewellery shows off the bling behind bacteria

Daily Record: Chloe Fitzpatrick has received over 20-million online views for her designs that are created from bugs found on her own skin and plants.

What are the most important diamond cuts to know in high jewellery? The Royal Asscher cut is used in the British Crown Jewels while oval cut features in Chanel’s L’Esprit Du Lion earrings

SCMP: Not to be confused with the shape, the cut refers to symmetry, proportioning and polish – and is the only man-made ‘C’ from the ‘four Cs’ (colour, carat and clarity).

The prettiest jewellery trend right now is fuelled by ’90s & Noughties nostalgia

Vogue: Charm jewellery is having a moment; here, Vogue rounds up our favourite places to shop the sentimental trend.




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