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News Edit: 13 August 2023

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A round up of this week's national and international jewellery news...

Irish Jewellery brand designs KPMG Women’s Irish Open Trophy

Irish Golfer: KPMG, a long-time supporter of female entrepreneurs and women in sport, has today announced an exciting collaboration with Ireland’s most loved fine jewellery brand Chupi.

Jewellery to invest in for timeless style and sophistication

Woman and Home: Jewellery worth investing in, that you can love now and forever.

A pioneering 18th-century Sephardic silversmith’s Torah decorations to be displayed in US museums for first time

JTA: In 1725, Abraham de Oliveyra was officially registered as a silversmith in London — the first Jew known to be given a license to practice the trade in the city.

10 Lab Grown Diamond Brands We Love

Eluxe Magazine: It’s hard to deny the appeal of a dazzling diamond, which has become one of the most sought after precious stones. Especially for couples considering marriage!

Why a signet ring no longer cuts it in the world of men's jewellery

Telegraph: There’s a growing shift in men’s fashion towards all things jewellery.

Royal Mint unveils 'innovative' jewellery made from recycled X-ray films

Sky: Hospitals will be paid for old X-ray films in line with the monetary value of the silver.

Kate's jewellery choices 'a disappointment'?

Daily Mail: Nonsense, says ALICE HARE… the Princess is making British gems SPARKLE!

Nature-Inspired Jewelry Goes For The Gold

Forbes: Nature has always provided an inspirational source for jewelry, from floral motifs to plant life to small creatures found in the garden. Here are yellow and rose gold styles that offer a sense of elegance and go-anywhere wearability.

Chained in bling: The resurgence of body jewellery trends

Life Style Asia: Bling body jewellery has been an enduring form of self-expression and adornment, dating back centuries across various cultures.

How the Duke of Windsor wooed Wallis with a staggering collection of jewellery worth £100 million

Daily Mail: gems fit for the queen she would never become

After 50 years of hip-hop, its relationship with jewellery lives on

The National News: From gold chains to gilded grills, jewellery has always been an intrinsic part of the culture.

The Round-Up: Colourful Beaded Jewellery

Sheer Luxe: Colourful beaded jewellery is an easy way to make any summer look more interesting. From stone necklaces to rainbow pearls, here are some of our favourite pieces…

Laboratory-grown diamonds becoming more popular as newlyweds opt for more sustainable alternatives

Independent: Compared to traditional mined gems the popularity of diamonds developed in laboratories is booming.

World's most valuable teapot, made from 18-carat yellow gold with cut diamonds, is worth $3mn

Economic Times: The most valuable teapot in the world is made from 18-carat yellow gold with a cut diamond covering the entire body and a 6.67-carat ruby in the centre, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Jeweller Elin Mair Roberts made this year's Eisteddfod Crown

North Wales Chronicle: MORE than 40 poets entered the Crown competition at the 2023 National Eisteddfod which is being held on farmland near Pwllheli.




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