New Icelandic range inspired by fjords of Norway


New Icelandic range inspired by fjords of Norway

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Iceland’s leading jewellers Aurum will take centre stage at IJL 2017 to unveil the latest additions to their best-selling Asterias range, with designer Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir on stand by to describe and detail latest concepts.

The collection is inspired by waves breaking softly on a forgotten beach in the West fjords of Norway.  Black terrain and rhythmical waves reflect the everlasting cycle of the water, which has no beginning and no end.  

Simultaneously light, feminine and intricate, the three dimensional designs evoke natural patterns, resulting in pieces that are both modern and timeless.  Each and every piece is expertly handcrafted in the company’s integrated workshop in ReykjavÌk, Iceland.

Founded in 1999, Aurum stands for Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness. Aurum puts great emphasis on ambition through the design, product development, quality and customer care. 

Aurum’s philosophy is based on several core values; modern design fused with traditional craftsmanship, heritage, sustainability and philanthropy.  Aurum sources materials from certified fair trade companies and all the packaging is environmentally friendly.  

Aurum incorporates sustainability principles throughout the company’s operations, such as sourcing only recycled and re-refined precious metals and only buying certified and conflict-free precious stones and diamonds.  

Their special packaging is modelled on Icelandic stones which Guðbjörg found on an Icelandic beach in West Iceland and made out of ìSaa Oaoerì or Mulberry Paper which is the best fibre of the Mulberry tree. 

Collecting the fiber does not interfere with the ecosystem, as not a single tree has to be cut down. Only the shoots are cut and used while 

the tree continues growing. Aurum continues to strive to reduce the company’s carbon footprint in all aspects of its production.  Aurum also supports the local community through with short and long term charitable projects, donating all profits from those projects to selected causes.   


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