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New Boutique launched to service ‘responsible and meaningful’ purchases

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The launch this week of the new ‘Emerald Studio’ marks a new wave in consumer sensitivity going mainstream. Emerald Studio will cater for discerning clientele who seek not only beauty but also a responsible and meaningful purchase.

The newly launched platform which will offer both In-person and online accessibility will showcase one-of-a-kind fine jewellery pieces in 18ct and 22ct gold, with ethically sourced diamonds and precious gems on the menu. Tourmalines, pearls and emeralds, as the signature stone will feature.

The Emerald Studio aims to bring together an informed and styled curated selection of jewels that celebrate the best in design, craftsmanship, creativity, boldness, passion, and glamour. Included in the representation are brands such as Shimell & Madden, Polly Gaston, Mr Sherwood, Myia Bonner, Elise Friedman, Bola Lyon with more coming as the Studio beds down.

Curation has selected design led pieces from Polly Gasston in 22ct Etruscan style, also the beautifully simplistic and modernist geometric pieces of Shimell & Madden. Clients are welcomed into the Emerald Studio virtual boutique to browse the work and try on their selection with the Emerald Studio tailored in-person concierge service.

Emerald Studio is dedicated to sustainability and ethical practices. It’s commitment to ethical sourcing and environmentally conscious practices aligns with the values of the jewellers represented reflecting the desires of discerning clientele who seek not only beauty but also a responsible and meaningful purchase.

The online platform will launch this week (23rd November) and will provide a seamless and immersive shopping experience, allowing customers to explore and acquire the works from the comfort of their homes or dip into the tailored in-person concierge service option. The “Le Jardin” exclusive membership will be rolled out in 2024, to allow members access to special events, first-looks and VIP services. 

The launch party, in celebration of the launch of the Emerald Studio Online Boutique, will be held on the 23rd November. To request a place on the guest list, please enquire here:


Rebecca van Rooijen


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