National Centre for Craft & Design Commissions Limited Editions by Lynne MacLachlan


National Centre for Craft & Design Commissions Limited Editions by Lynne MacLachlan

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To celebrate 3D Printing: The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful at The National Centre for Craft & Design, NCCD has commissioned an eye catching and exclusive range of contemporary 3D Printed limited edition brooches by exhibitor and designer, Lynne MacLachlan. 24 pieces are available in three colours priced at £24 each.

A unique combination of experience fuels MacLachlan’s design innovation and her work is a fusion of practical and degree level experience in formal Aerospace Engineering, Jewellery and Metalwork and a Royal College of Art Masters – the designer is one to watch.

Design pieces play with light, space, colour and vibrant geometric forms to reveal ephemeral, shimmering optical patterns, crossing the cross the boundaries of design, art and fashion. MacLachlan has a passion for experimenting with the most up to the minute digital technology, using the latest tools and materials in combination with traditional techniques.

Industry recognition has come in the form of Goldsmiths; the Craft and Design Council and Scottish International Education Trust Prizes and a Dewar Arts Award. Live projects include those with Tiffany & Co, Vogue and Swarovski and the designer is currently undertaking a PHD with the Open University, researching the role of generative design tools in the creative process.

The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful is curated by Bryony Windsor, Head of Exhibitions for NCCD, in partnership with Professor Anne Chick for the University of Lincoln. The show is an exploration of 3D Printing, celebrating innovation and posing ethical questions and showcasing some of the very latest jewellery, fashion and design items. It is curated to ensure an inclusive experience for visually impaired audiences.  The exhibition has been generously supported with funding from DRILL and Arts Council England. 

For more information about the exhibition see our What's On page


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