Modernist Jewellers unite under one roof at Midcentury Modern Show


Modernist Jewellery on Show at Midcentury Modern Show in March

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Lauded by legendary designer Orla Kiely as her own personal 'design heaven', the Midecentury Modern show is a popular destination for the very best in modern design. The Spring show in March will play host to a number of modernist jewellery designers. 

The show is responsible for the Midcentury Modern aesthetic becoming a mainstream style in London, with influencers, designers and visual design teams taking cues from the show. Big names, such as Estee Lalonde, Johnathan Adler, Mary Portas have frequented the show; as well as buying teams from Liberty, Selfridges and the Tate shop. This year, on Sunday 15th March, 60 midcentury dealers and 28 contemporary designers will set up shop for the day. Amongst them, a range of jewellery designers are exhibiting. 


A show favourite, Poppy Norton returns this year. With 18 years working as a stylist and trend reporter for huge names such as The Guardian, Grand Designs Magazine and WGSN, Poppy knows what designs make people tick. Her minimal designs are equal parts simple and striking. Stylish design details, colour choices and textures culminate into distinct, yet minimal designs. 

For those favouring more organic designs, Bronwen Gwillim's range of eco-friendly statement jewellery will delight. Working from a tiny workshop on her boat, her designs are inspired by the riverbanks and landscapes around her. Each piece is unique, its surface worked until the colours soften and the shape feels natural in the hand; in this way, her work echoes the process of water shaping its surroundings. 

Taking its cues from movements in architecture, Elsium jewellery incorporates elements of Art Deco, Minimalism and Brutalism. Designed by Lorraine Hitt, the range includes both handcrafted and 3D printed pieces, in neutral colours. The newer collection will be right at home in the Brutalist design of Dulwich College. 

Anja Capuzzimati will be premiering at this edition of Midcentury Modern, with handmade minimalist jewellery with a quirky twist. Her designs are smiple in shape, but uniqe in texture and colour, with collections crafter in concrete, leather and sterling silver. 

Lelong Designs bucks the trend, creating more intricate, Art Deco and Nouveau style pieces. A huge range of brooches, necklaces, cuff links and earrings vary wildly in design, kept cohesive with their homage to past styles. 


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