ThingsEyeLove Spread A Positive Message with 'Imprint Heart Ring'


Minimal Jewellery Store Uses Subtle Design Feature to Spread Positive Message to Women

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ThingsEyeLove, a contemporary jewellery store specialising in elegant minimal pieces, is using its bestselling ‘ Imprint Heart Ring’ to spread a positive message to all those who wear it.

At first glance it is a simple, stunning, smooth 999 sterling silver band. But, thanks to a clever piece of design, a secret raised feature on the inside leaves a heart shaped imprint on the finger, visible when the accessory is removed. 

The leading jewellery outlet aims to spread a positive message of self-love to women using this beautiful item. Whether it is bought as a gift or simply as a personal treat, it acts as a subtle, heart-warming reminder that the wearer is loved by that special someone as well as themselves! 

Christy Tsang, Owner and Founder of ThingsEyeLove revealed, 

High quality jewellery serves two purposes as well as accessorising any outfit, a few simple pieces can give a woman added confidence. The Imprint Heart Ring utilises this and spreads a stylish, sophisticated reminder to whoever wears it that they are very much loved! 

Of course, it makes a great romantic gift, but it is alsofantastic for jewellery fans who like their pieces to have meaning. Conventionally, other jewellery pieces with a similar theme, using a love heart design, may be too garish for some. The Imprint Heart Ring is a bold, simplistic piece, with the special message hidden, to be enjoyed only by the wearer, making it one of our best-selling items.

The premium sterling silver ring is packaged in a sweet fabric pouch, bearing ThingsEyeLoves’ bold logo, placed inside a box that makes the process of receiving and opening the ring as exciting and luxurious as wearing it. 

The Imprint Heart Ring is loved by jewellery fans across the world, making it one of the most popular products on the e-commerce website. This in-demand accessory can be found alongside a wider range of simplistic, elegant sterling silver and solidgold pieces including the Princess Crown Ring, the Long Curved Ear Pin and the Sweetheart Necklace each one hitting the latest trends using premium design.  

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