Hearts Afire with Mimi Baldwin this Valentine's Day


Mimi Baldwin Sets Hearts Afire this Valentines Day

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After 10 years of working at Tiffany’s Mimi Baldwin was ready for a change and moved on to the luxury houses of Asprey, and then Dior before spending eight years working with Kiki McDonough in her shop in Sloane Square, London.

In 2012 Mimi decided she wanted to concentrate on designing jewellery herself and started her own company - Mimi Baldwin Fine Jewellery. She now specialises in designing exquisite, feminine, timeless, elegant pieces for every day and formal wear and has developed many loyal clients of her own. 

Mimi has a signature range ‘With all my Heart’ available with diamonds and green amethysts, coral, blue topaz, lemon quartz, mother of pearl and diamond stones. She says “Hearts are such a perfect shape to wear on the ear.”

Inspired by the flowers Mimi’s husband brings her every Friday evening she designed a delicate, feminine Friday Flowers Collection which features a full range of stunning earrings, necklaces and bracelets in three different colours of gold.

Her career started answering the phone at Tiffany & Co., in their flagship store in Bond Street, which is also where her love for gemstones began. During her apprenticeship Mimi was mentored by Rosa Monckton – the woman who brought the Tiffany jewellery house from America to Britain. Ten years later Mimi had progressed and become the head of the Bond Street Tiffany fine jewellery department. As Mimi’s expert knowledge of gems and fine jewellery developed so too did her loyal following of clients with whom she quickly gained a reputation for warmth, imagination and patience – especially when working with them on bespoke pieces. Whilst at Tiffany Mimi met Philip Baldwin, a coloured diamond specialist, who is now her husband.

When designing a piece Mimi usually starts with thinking about what she would like to wear herself. In winter she normally wears more formal and dressier pieces with lots of sparkling diamonds whereas in the summer she prefers more relaxed pieces. She usually begins by hand drawing the designs in her studio in Battersea, London and then has them made up from 18 carat gold and the very best quality stones. Her husband Philip, who now runs a diamond investment fund, helps source interesting stones for her special commissions and her father-in-law, who is a master craftsman with a workshop in London’s Bond Street, creates them.

Sometimes however if Philip finds some stunning stones Mimi takes her inspiration from those. Philip recently bought some beautiful coloured sapphires which Mimi has used to create her new Sapphire Drop Earrings from.



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