Reinventing Style: The Signet Ring 2017


Millennials embrace the signet ring

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The signet ring is back. But move over the traditional buyers and enter the Millennials; especially Millennial women who, according to the Birmingham manufacturer Domino, are currently embracing this age-old staple of the jewellery industry and making it very much their own. Both men and women in their 20s and 30s are discovering and reinventing these rings.  

Domino’s Marketing Co-ordinator, Chantelle Serrell-Cooke, believes that younger buyers appreciate the real opportunities that signet rings offer for personalisation, which is a key trend coming through across the market. 

“This digital generation loves having the chance to make its jewellery their own and our signet rings have plenty of space for initials, dates, crests and other motifs with emotional significance to the wearer.” she says.   

Domino’s Signet Ring Collection, which is created and crafted entirely in the UK, is available across a wide range of alloys,  including platinum, 18ct and 9ct gold.

A variety of tablet shapes and sizes are also avaiable including oval, elongated oval, elongated hexagon, cushion and rectangle with some designs also include diamonds. An engraving service is also available to retailers if this is required.

Due to the increased interest from women, the company has introduced a number of smaller, daintier, more-feminine signet styles and some fancy shapes and diamond-set designs which are perfect for those seeking something a little different.


Sarah Salmon


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