TV, radio and podcasts to catch up with during lockdown


Media to catch up on whilst in lockdown

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We’ve compiled a list of catch up TV, radio and podcasts which you might find useful to while away the hours whilst on lockdown.


BBC - Handmade

Episode 1

Filmed without voiceover or music, this film is an absorbing portrait of the complex processes behind the crafting of a steel knife by bladesmith Owen Bush.

BBC - Secrets of the Museum

Unique arts series venturing behind the scenes at the world famous museum of art, design and performance, the V&A.

Episodes containing jewellery:

Episode 6

Behind the scenes at the V&A, transporting a unique car is a struggle, a rare medieval jewel undergoes a deep clean and a work of mosaic art has experimental surgery.

Episode 2

Behind the scenes at the Victoria and Albert Museum, priceless Raphael paintings give up their secrets. Keeper James gets hands-on with Beyonce’s ring and Queen Victoria’s coronet.

BBC - Jewellery brand boss: 'Make your own rules'

For years, jewellery makers have been told that to succeed, they must sell their products through all the right stores and advertise in all the right glossy magazines. Chief executive of the brand Missoma, Marisa Hordern, tried to play that game for 10 years and found she was getting nowhere. Then she made her own rules and saw her sales soar.

BBC - Flog It: Trade Secrets

Series 3 - Reversions: 1. All That Glisters

Paul Martin and the team share useful information and tips about jewellery and adornments of every kind

TED Talks


What feels so good about getting your hands dirty and making something? The following talks speak to the art of craft.

or simply browse the playlists for creativity, 3D printing, design, technology, mindfulness….


BBC Sounds - Living National Treasures

Episode 3 - Rauni Higson

A combination of slow radio, artisanal craft and poignant personal stories, getting under the skin of practitioners to learn why they've decided to practise rare and unusual crafts.

BBC Sounds - Curating the Future

V&A Director Tristram Hunt explores the new challenges facing the world's oldest museums.


Gold Digging with Stephen Webster

The Digital Jeweller or

Luxury Institute

The Jewellers Podcast


If you have any catch up TV, radio or podcasts you’d like to recommend and see on this list, please just email info@benchpeg com


Rebecca van Rooijen


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