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McCaul Goldsmiths Launch Arris Collection

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The Arris Collection by McCaul Goldsmiths is designed with each one-of-a-kind gemstone in mind where carved curves are made a soft satin texture to compliment its wearer.

Elegant raised contour lines form where different surfaces meet around the new collection rings. Deep valleys tunnel underneath the stone, which are highlighted with a mirror shine finish that reflects and enhances the colour of the gemstone.

As future heirlooms, these generously proportioned contemporary statement rings are made to last generations.

The design direction for McCaul Goldsmiths is constantly evolving where each and every piece is excitingly unique. Two of the most popular pieces in the new collection include the platinum purple sapphire cocktail ring and the green tourmaline rose gold ring.

This cocktail ring pairs a beautiful deep green tourmaline with brilliant cut white diamonds. The fancy cut tourmaline is a striking blue- green colour which looks especially vibrant against the warm tones of 18ct rose gold. This one-of-a-kind piece has been sculpted and hand crafted to fit the size of the stone to ensure that the highest quality of value is delivered. 

This ring is designed to accommodate a remarkable 1.39 carat trillion sapphire. The stone’s vivid, deep purple colour pops against cool white platinum. The sculptural curves of the ring are crafted with a brushed stain finish around the band contrasting against a brightly polished insersection around the stone. This beautiful curation of finishes enhances the natural light reflections of the sapphire stone, making for one show-stopping piece.

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