Maison Chaumet at 
premiere of Mulan


Liu Yifei wears Chaumet for the premiere of Mulan in Los Angeles

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This week in Los Angeles, on the occasion of the premiere of Mulan, directed by Niki Caro, Liu Yifei, ambassador of the Maison, was wearing the Nuages d’Or earrings from the High Jewellery collection Les Ciels de Chaumet, as well as a ring from the High Jewellery collection Soir de Fête.

Ambassador of Maison Chaumet in China, Liu Yifei is one of the leading actresses of her generation. Sharing with the Maison the same vision of elegance, the Chinese-American actress personifies the contemporary femininity of Chaumet jewellery creations.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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