Parham Ramezani Launches His New 'Legacy Collection' Luxury Jewellery Line


‘Legacy Collection’ luxury jewellery line is launched by Parham Ramezani

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Entrepreneur and jewellery designer, Parham Ramezani introduced his new ‘Legacy Collection’ luxury jewellery line to London and the UK during an evening recpetion with guests including the likes of Jenson Button.

The event introduced press, influencers and esteemed members of the luxury world to the brand. The celebration was cohosted by F1 world champion and ambassador of the brand, Jenson Button. 

Guests included Mark Francis from MIC as well as Ladies of London it girl, Noelle Reno.  

The inspiration behind the Legacy Collection comes from the majesty of La Scala, the Opera house in Milan, home to some of Italy’s most notable historic composers and their creations.

Their spirits come alive in the theatre through their beautiful music in the perfect symmetry of pitch, precision, passion and purpose. Stimulated by this exceptional combination, Parham Ramezani has created a collection with unmatched talent and craftsmanship. 

The launch event took place in the REN Ballroom at the Shangri La Hotel. Guests were treated to a Veuve Clicquot reception and a live chef performance using fresh sushi.

Jenson Button said,

"What a great night with an even greater future ahead for the brand."

Parham Ramezani added,

“We are really delighted by the amazing response to the Legacy Collection both here in London and at our previous event in at the Monaco Grand Prix


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