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Lebrusan Studio reveals an increase in searches of over 1,200% for shoppers looking for commitment rings

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Award winning ethical jeweller, Lebrusan Studio, has today released figures that show an increase in searches of over 1,200% for shoppers visiting the site looking for commitment rings. The stats, gleaned from a comparison between January to March versus June to August, show that during the three months coming out of lockdown, more lovers were searching for the term ‘commitment ring’ than ever before.

During the first quarter of the year, Lebrusan Studio saw 380 searches for this key term, compared with 5,378 in the last three, showing an exponential spike and an undeniable feeling that when all else fails, love still prevails. Founder Arabel Lebrusan explains why she thinks this is:

“As a fine and bespoke jeweller, I am acutely aware that wedding season is very much on hold, which has seen a natural slow in the sale of wedding bands. However, couples have in some cases spent more time than ever with each other and now want to cement their love in ways they may not have considered before. A commitment ring says I am committed to you, I love you and I want to spend my life with you – it is an unequivocable symbol of hope for the future. These rings may be in place of a formal engagement ring or wedding band, or just a placeholder until things return to ‘normal’, either way, at Lebrusan Studio we are thrilled to be able to continue sharing in the love.”

So, what do you need to consider when choosing a commitment ring? 

  • Plain or engraved: Your love story is utterly unique, and so too could be the jewels that celebrate it. From geographical coordinates to sound waves and special symbols, adding one-of-a-kind touches can make your commitment rings more than just jewellery, but extensions and reflections of you
  • Future wearability: If you do plan to marry in the future, choose a style that won’t compete with any additional rings, but instead complement them. If wedding bands are on the cards, opt for simple commitment rings that will one day fit delicately alongside, in a unique and romantic stack on the finger
  • Which finger: Most people choose to wear their commitment ring on their wedding ring finger, but that doesn’t mean you have to. If your commitment ring is likely to precede an engagement and you’re not keen on the idea of stacking your rings, why not simply wear your commitment ring on the ring finger of your right hand? Either that, or you could swap your commitment ring from left to right when the big question eventually comes
  • Bespoke or ready-to-wear: Consider budget and design, do you want a stone, personalisation, or something pared down and easy to wear? Either way, Lebrusan Studio will help you choose the best style for you, to suit your budget, to suit your love, to suit your story

Starting at £237 for a Braided Ethical Gold Ring, the full range of commitment rings can be viewed on the dedicated commitment ring home page, which has been created thanks to the increase in demand: www.lebrusanstudio.com


Rebecca van Rooijen


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