Lady Gaga is the new face of Tudor Watches


From 'Born this Way' to 'Born to Dare' Lady Gaga is the Face of New Campaign for Tudor Watches

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Lady Gaga is a global, leading fashion icon, mindful of everything she wears. She has turned celebrity into a comprehensive art form. She knows full well that an outfit is a powerful message, an art performance. Every accessory is a way to shape her image, a means to an end. That's why when she chooses to represent a brand, we sit up and take notice. 

Created by the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, the Tudor Watch Company was born with a mission to explore new territories, offering

“a watch that (his) agents could sell at a more modest price than (his) Rolex watches, and yet could attain (its) standards of dependability”.

The Tudor of today has not drifted away from the original vision. While strictly adhering to the fundamentals of excellence, the design of a Tudor watch reinterprets a rich history to create something truly unique – a bold fusion of the original and the contemporary in an unrivalled proposition.

Their new campaign 'Born to Dare' is all about rejecting the status quo- something Lady Gaga is no stranger to. 

Lady Gaga is not just about entertainment and show business. She shakes things up. With undivided commitment she is a vocal activist. Her message takes many shapes and forms, among which music is the main but not the sole medium. Lady Gaga stands out in the way she dresses, but also with her charity agenda and non-profit work.

Being in the public eye, supporting political and social causes against the political tide, demonstrating and championing charities requires facing her fears. Raising awareness, money and helping Haiti in 2010, Japan in 2011, she is a champion of the fight against fur, an advocate for the rights of the LGBT community. Yet she’s not poker faced about her religious beliefs. 

Her Born This Way foundation is committed to supporting the wellness of young people and empowering them to create a kinder and braver world. Leveraging rigorous academic research and authentic partnerships it provides young people with kinder communities, improved mental health resources, and more positive environments – online and offline. With all this said, Tudor couldn't have picked a better ambassador to mirror their own values and raison d'être. Tudor was created to keep the best of the past, but push boundaries of watch design and technology. Thei reinvention of the classics has kept their watches distinctive for more than half a century.


Never afraid to redefine the rules, Tudor’s new watches are strongly connected to the past while incorporating 21st-century technology. They away from what’s new, experimenting with unusual materials, combinations and inspirations.

Lady Gaga wears the Black Bay. This 41-mm automatic timepiece is the interpretation of a famous tool watch, the Black Bay. Versatile, timeless and authentic, the Black Bay is Lady Gaga's choice.

The Tudor Black Bay has direct antecedents in some of the most iconic Tudor watches. The 1958 Oyster Prince Submariner reference 7924 contributed its oversized crown and general lines while the ‘Snowflake’ Tudor Submariner, worn by the French Navy in the 1970s, offered up its unique angular hands. Classic designs, contemporised for a new century.

"Born for a purpose. Field-tested to the extreme.

For those who are up for anything.

Those who face their fears.

Those who re-invent themselves every day.

A TUDOR is #BornToDare.”

Learn more about the campaign here: 


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