Karen Millen to launch 90 piece jewellery collection in 2020


Karen Millen launches Jewellery collection through partnership with Geko

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Global womenswear brand Karen Millen has announced a new jewellery collection created in partnership with multi-brand jewellery supplier Gecko in a multi-year licensing deal brokered by IMG. 

Beth Butterwick, the CEO of Karen Millen is “delighted to be working with Gecko” on the jewellery collection and has a “passion for delivering timeless quality and beauty” through their product. Andrew Morton, MD at Gecko explains that both sides of the partnership are excited to be working with each other, and want to emphasise on the global reach of the brand, though the brand itself is a leading UK brand. This launch marks a new endeavour for the Karen Millen brand as it differs from the brands previously developed bag, footwear, homeware, and swimwear lines. Set to launch in 2020, the 90-piece collection will consist of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings and will be released in all major Karen Millen stores and online in March.


Susan Collard


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