John Moore wins the Goldsmiths' Company Award for Outstanding design


John Moore wins the Prestigious Goldsmiths' Company Award for the Second Time in Three Years

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For the second time in just three years, British jewellery artist John Moore receives the Goldsmiths’ Company Award. The presentation of the annual Awards of the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Awards took place at the GoldsmithsHall in London on Monday 25 February 2019.  This important annual Awards Ceremony – known as the Jewellery Oscars was hosted by Theo Fennell and welcomed over three-hundred guests.

Earlier in the evening John had already been awarded the IJL (International Jewellery London) Gold award for silver jewellery, for his Lacewing Verto Necklace, then at the end of the ceremony, Theo Fennell announced John Moore as the winner of the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Company Award, stating that the judges and the Goldsmiths’ Company committee were unanimous in their decision.

The Goldsmiths’ Company Award is given at the discretion of their council for outstanding design, and is only presented when an entry achieves the highest standard of creativity and originality.

Artist John Moore explores and creates his world through making wearable objects. Recognised for their imagination, original design and craftsmanship, his distinctive works are born out of a deep passion for making and a life time spent observing the world around him. With a broad approach he combines a variety of materials, selected for their unique properties.  Shape, colour and movement are carefully balanced to create hybrid specimens.  Organic yet manmade, they transcend the material and work in harmony with the body, blurring the lines between jewellery, art, design, craft, fashion and performance.

The Lacewing Verto Necklace is the latest in a series of necklaces in John’s portfolio, constructed around an engineered silicone core that allows the multiple discs to flex and mould to any body shape.  It can also be manipulated to create a variety of dramatic silhouettes around the neck.  

The silver discs of the Lacewing are perforated with a lacey pattern inspired by an insect’s wing and embellished with 48 diamonds set into 18ct gold. Previous incarnations of Verto have boasted bright colours on the faces of the discs, whereas those of the Lacewing are blackened in high contrast with the brightly polished edges.  It appears both solid and transparent at the same time, a ghostly, liquid shimmer, framing the wearer’s head.  The effect is mesmerizing, especially when the necklace is brought to life on a moving body.  

To celebrate, John is currently collaborating with filmmaker Matt West on a video piece featuring the necklace on contemporary dancer Louis McMiller, formerly of Random Dance (Wayne McGregor).  This collaboration is part of John’s ongoing mission to explore the potential of his creative expression and bring wearable art together with other disciplines.  The video will be released later in 2019.


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