Joanna Hardy Launches Her Own Online Jewellery School


Joanna Hardy Launches The World’s First Online Jewellery School

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Acclaimed global jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy has launched her own online jewellery school at Masterpiece this year. The school features an interactive online classroom where you get personal advice from Joanna and is powered by award winning internet company,

Joanna explained,

“My intention is to create a world class online jewellery school, where enthusiastic amateurs or professionals can be introduced to the world of jewellery. I’m expecting people ranging from interested hobbyists, career changers, professionals wanting to improve their knowledge – right through to members of the boutique high-end jewellery trade. Through my course I can teach you wherever you are in the world. I’m anticipating students from Europe, the US and Asia. I’m doing this because I’m passionate about sharing the real stories behind jewellery and ensuring future generations are appropriately educated the world over in this fascinating subject.”

Joanna’s first jewellery course within the school is 'The Magic of Jewellery'. Students will learn 

  • An appreciation of jewellery for the discerning student
  • A story which involves and excites the student and immerses them into the heritage and context of jewellery and its properties
  • An introduction to knowing what to be aware of and how
  • How you select jewellery in an informed way
  • What you need to consider
  • The story behind their own jewellery
  • Practical and technical considerations about the pieces

The format of the course is that learners will watch video documentary style lectures with Joanna, who teaches the secrets and stories of her trade. As the learner, you are within an interactive classroom online watching your videos, with your classmates of up to 20 people at a time.

Joanna will set assignments, and Joanna and her office will critique your response. She will also be on hand in the classroom to answer questions throughout the course.

Joanna’s lectures include unseen and unique footage filmed at Masterpiece, as well as at top London jewellers and on location so that students will learn what to look for in a good quality piece of jewellery.

A ‘how to’ course Founder and CEO of Elspeth Briscoe commented:

"We have been planning this project for several years now, and are delighted to be able to bring jewellery enthusiasts access to a true specialist wherever they are in the world. Masterpiece was the perfect event for us to announce the school at – it’s been an incredible experience already working with Joanna sharing her knowledge with enthusiasts from all over the world at this year’s fair.”

Joanna added:

“The wonderful thing about Masterpiece is that it consistently showcases such a variety of pieces, both in their designs and histories, and the diversity amongst the jewellery exhibitors is especially evident this year. Every exhibitor has something that catches my eye, but particularly look out for the timeless pear-shaped diamond drop earrings at Hancocks, which are such a great contrast to the innovative and mesmerising new creations by Wallace Chan. Amongst the stones shown this year, I was drawn to the incredible blue spinel, set in a diamond ring, exhibited by Boghossian; it’s so rare to see a stone of such deep and lively colour! With so much to see and learn, I hope you enjoy seeing these pieces, whether at Masterpiece or online with, as much as I do.”

"Jewellery is my passion and has been a major part of my life for the last 30 years. It gives me enormous pleasure to see jewellery being appreciated for its artistic merit and craftsmanship and if I can help to broaden people’s awareness and help them become discerning jewellery appreciators and collectors then my mission has been accomplished. Please make sure you ask me as many questions as you like in the classroom, I look forward to having you in my classroom soon.”


Sarah Salmon


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