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Jo Hayes Ward creates Designs as Unique as You

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Every year, Spring inevitably brings with it wedding season. Something less predictable, however, is Jo Hayes Ward's collection of alternative wedding jewellery. 

Jo’s love-affair with sculpture began in her formative college years where she experimented with shapes, structures and intricate 3D patterns. By the time she graduated from her Masters in Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork and Jewellery at London’s Royal College of Art she had refined the unique signature style we see today.


For those in love with design, Jo Hayes Ward's distinctive designs might prove the perfect way to display their commitment, without having to sacrifice their own style. More importantly, you won't have to sacrifice your integrity either. Jo Hayes Ward's jewellery is commited to working ethically- all jewellery is made using recycled gold, non-conflict gems and is produced in a socially responsible, environmentally sound manner. Pieces can also be made to order in fairtrade and fairmined gold. 

As well as creating bespoke commissions from scratch, Jo also breathes new energy into existing pieces through the rehousing scheme- customers can have gold and gems from existing pieces made into something new. 


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