Go Camp or go home: The 2019 Met Gala Jewellery Highlights


Jewels on the Pink Carpet- Who wore what to the 2019 Met Gala

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The first Monday of May brought with it the illustrious and captivating Met Gala. The fashion world is still dealing with the fallout. We've collated some of the best jewellery looks of the occassion. 

The theme this year was camp, explored in more detail in the complimentary exhibition staged by the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum 'Camp: Notes on Fashion'. The exhibition explores how the sensibility, once marginalised, has now become a leading and important part of contemporary mainstream culture. 

“Camp’s disruptive nature and subversion of modern aesthetic values has often been trivialized, but this exhibition reveals that it has had a profound influence on both high art and popular culture,” said Max Hollein, Director of The Met. “By tracing its evolution and highlighting its defining elements, the show embodies the ironic sensibilities of this audacious style, challenges conventional understandings of beauty and taste, and establishes the critical role that this important genre has played in the history of art and fashion.”


“Fashion is the most overt and enduring conduit of the camp aesthetic,” said Andrew Bolton, Wendy Yu Curator in Charge of The Costume Institute. “Effectively illustrating Sontag’s ‘Notes on “Camp,”’ the exhibition advances creative and critical dialogue about the ongoing and ever-evolving impact of camp on fashion.”

Tiffany & Co was a popular choice amongst the biggest of stars, including Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Gal Gadot. With Jenner and Lady Gaga both sporting pieces from the 2019 Blue Book collection.

Gaga opting for a yellow-gold and diamond butterfly necklace and a and an assortment of Tiffany diamond, spinel, rubellite and purple sapphire rings. Jenner opted for a more uniform necklace and earring set in diamond and imperial topaz in a shade that complimented her tangerine gown. Gadot mixes designers, wearing a pearl of Tiffany diamond tassel earrings with a faux-pearl and diamond headpiece from Givenchy. 

A big story from the evening was the debut of cultured diamonds to be worn at the annual Gala. 2019 Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner star Regina King (below, left) , styled by Wayman+Micah, proudly graced the red carpet decked out in ten Lark & Berry cultured diamond pieces, including the brand's Veto, Nocturnal and Dune Collections. 

Made in a laboratory-controlled environment which mimics the process of diamond formation deep in Earth's mantle, Lark & Berry's cultured diamonds sit within the purest category of diamonds on the market. The process leads to less waste, less water loss and less impact on the environment. The stones are also conflict-free, since no mining and associated exploitation of local communities takes place.

Jennifer Lopez (above, right) in a Harry Winston diamond necklace with a giant 65.32 carat purple sapphire and more than 150 carats worth of earrings, rings and bracelets. Gwyneth Paltrow in Mexican fire opal and carnelian earrings from G by Glenn Spiro.

Another notable and versatile use of diamonds were Forevermark, representing complete opposites on the camp spectrum, with looks inspired by Barbie and old Hollywood starlets. 

Kacey Musgraves (below, left) arrived perfectly on-theme in a pink convertible dressed as a Barbie doll in custom pink Moschino. Her teardrop diamond statement earrings were the perfect accessory to recreate the iconic look.

"Kacey's look is inspired by Moschino Barbie, the ultimate glam girl, and nothing says glamour like diamonds. Forevermark had the perfect oversized diamond drop earrings and a beautiful two stone diamond ring that reminded me of teardrops. Dripping in diamonds is very decadent, and combining the Forevermark diamonds with a playful, blow dryer shaped clutch gave a high-low aesthetic that went perfectly with the 'camp' theme," said Kacey's stylist Erica Cloud of her look.

Gemma Chan (below, right) channeled regal, Old Hollywood in her silver Tom Ford gown and headpiece as well as over 100 carats of layered classic diamond line bracelets and an oversized emerald cocktail ring.

"We were channeling a bit of Liz Taylor through Gemma's look tonight, so we felt like we needed the most dazzling diamonds as a nod to her. Forevermark diamonds, especially Gemma's 10 carat Exceptional Diamond ring did just the trick," said Gemma's stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray of her look.


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