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Jewellery house Alessa announces annual charity campaign to support families, women and children

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Alessa Jewelry was born out of a fairy tale romance between Yuvraj Pahuja and Alessandra Robles, after meeting at the Gemological Institute of America. Inspired by Alessandra’s Guatemalan ancestry and Yuvraj’s family experience within the jewellery industry, the brand boasts striking, vibrant and edgy designs for the modern woman, whilst nodding to both Latin-American and Indian heritage.

Six years ago, Alessandra; born and raised in Guatemala launched ‘Give Wings,’ a year-long charity initiative on a mission to give back to the community. As part of this, the brand teams up with Not-For-Profits that not only provide housing, health and educational services for families with children, but also empower women back into the workplace for economic independence.

Each year, Alessa donates 20% of sales on each piece of jewellery sold between the 8thMarch and 8thApril, after which, the brand donates 20% of sales on each piece from a specially designed, limited-edition Give Wings Collection.

Last year, the initiative raised over $12,000 during the charity month in Guatemala, despite no culture of donating in the country - but with the movement working with global charities for 2019, this is expected to increase significantly. 

This year, Alessa has partnered with three charities:

Dress for Success: An international not-for-profit that empowers women back into the workplace, helping them to achieve economic independence by providing professional clothing, styling, interview coaching and ongoing support once they re-join the workforce. Since launching in 1997, Dress for Success has expanded to more than 150 different cities across 30 different countries, helping over 1 million women to work towards self-sufficiency and over 3 million children to build a future. The charity launched a Guatemalan arm in September 2018 and is actively forming alliances with local organisations to help women and children in the country.

Ronald McDonald House Charities: Originally a partnership between Dr Audrey Evans, an oncologist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, McDonald’s and the American Football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, RMHC is one of the largest Not-For-Profit’s in the world, actively responding to the needs of families with children receiving treatment in hospital. There are 365 Ronald McDonald ‘Houses’ in the world; 3 of them in Guatemala and a fourth due to be built, which will have the capacity to house over 40 families on a daily basis. Since 2005, the Ronald McDonald houses have been a “home away from home” for more than 21,500 Guatemalan families who have had to travel from the countryside to the city, while their children are being treated in hospital. This essential charity not only saves them from gruelling back-and-forth journey’s and high accommodation costs, it allows families to remain close to their children during times of stress and upset.

 Fundaniñas: A Guatemalan charity dedicated to helping young girls in dangerous situations, including those who have been abandoned. This local Not-For-Profit provides food, shelter and formal education, as well as counselling, dental care, medical care and above all, a loving, caring and stable environment for them to flourish in. In 2019, the charity started to enlist the assistance of young women, who help to train and empower the younger girls, setting them up for productive and successful future. Fundaniñas aims to become an integral training centre in Guatemala, helping young girls to achieve their dreams in society. 

The limited-edition Give Wings collection for 2019 will be unveiled on the 8thof March and can be viewed at: The collection has been inspired by fairies and their magic dust; it’s representative of what an Alessa woman embodies: grace, strength, humbleness, beauty and power.

Alessandra Robles commented:

“Each piece from the Give Wings collection sparkles with a purpose and carries a strong, committed message, making each owner an ambassador for a truly amazing cause.

I want to show people that if you care about something enough, if you believe in it with all your heart and soul – you really can bring it to life.”



Rebecca van Rooijen


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