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Jewellery Brand Fenton introduces luxury loyalty programme

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Fine jewellery company Fenton has introduced a new reward based peer-to-peer recommendation initiative with exclusive fine jewellery as the prize.

Fenton is offering its fans, followers and customers the opportunity to spread the word and share the love thanks to its ‘The Karma Club’ = a new loyalty programme from the digital first, direct-to-consumer, fine jewellery brand.

The new scheme means everyone has the opportunity to own a fine jewellery collection simply by referring friends and before having even made a purchase, a first for a luxury brand that continues to innovate within its field. 

Known for its colourful engagement and celebration rings, Fenton exists to celebrate love, and has designed a new range of products exclusively for The Karma Club. These new styles include earrings, cufflinks, bracelets and necklaces; all crafted with the same radically transparent approach, using ethically mined gemstones and recycled metals, as with Fenton’s rings.

So, how does one collect good karma? Quite simply, referrals result in points, with points accrued each time a recommended friend purchases with Fenton. Existing customers will automatically be part of The Karma Club with a starting block of 75 points and can collect 75 points from each referral, meaning only one friend needs to make a purchase to unlock enough points to ‘buy’ either sterling silver cufflinks or a pair of hoop earrings worth £325 (Tier 1) or a sterling silver Citrine or Smoky Topaz pendant worth £495 (Tier 2). 

Those who have not previously purchased from Fenton can still join The Karma Club, and will collect 50 points once their referred friend has made a purchase from the site; in this case, it only takes two friends to purchase following a recommendation to result in enough points for the cufflinks or hoops, and three to reach the bracelet. For those who prefer to save their points rather than splurge, 500 points can be exchanged for a Blue Sapphire and white gold tennis bracelet worth £2,500.

This is a great example of how online brands and businesses are expanding ways to build brand affinity and excite audiences through innovative ways of customer engagement post pandemic.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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