Caitlin Hegney uses jewellery skills to fundraise


Jeweller raises funds for Covid-19 Memorial Garden

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After learning of the recent campaign in The Glasgow Herald to construct a memorial garden to commemorate those who have lost their lives to COVID-19 in Scotland, Caitlin Hegney was inspired to get involved and fundraise for the project. 

The jeweller was particularly moved by the proposal for the creation of a memorial garden in Pollock Country Park, having worked in Geilston Garden herself, recognising the profound effect that such an outdoor space can have on an individuals’ wellbeing and mental health. 

Hegney believes that it is essential to have a dedicated tranquil place that people can go to, where they can remember and celebrate those who have lost their lives during this pandemic. The proposed memorial cairn will continue the legacy of those who have lost their lives, and be a monument for future generations to remember what significant impact Covid-19 has had on this country. 

The jeweller will release some of her silver and reclaimed wood designs in limited edition colours with on Friday 5th June, with the proceeds going to the creation of the proposed Covid-19 Memorial Garden.

Hegney’s work revolves around ancient heritage exploring rhythmic markings in metal and reclaimed wood in her work, through the communicative value of lines and how their ambiguity transcends and resonates with humanity whilst utilising traditional metalworking and woodworking techniques.

The fundraiser designs will be available on the jeweller’s website, with work normally centred around the rich history of the colour blue, using shades as symbol for value. However, Caitlin thought it an appropriate time to reach out of her normal colour palette to produce designs in all the colours of the rainbow; using the rainbow as a symbol of kindness and togetherness during these challenging times. Hegney uses pigments to dye wood exposing the natural patterns in the wood grain. 

After graduating in 2018 with First class honours from The Glasgow School of Art, Hegney has continued to practice there as an Artist in Residence whilst starting her own business and launching an online shop earlier this year from her studio in Argyll & Bute. She also runs creative workshops for children within the local community that focus on 3D making, resourcefulness and the sharing of ancient craft skills. 

Her work is currently showing work as part of an exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark having most recently shown work in Lille, France and Melbourne, Australia.


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