Jada Dubai launch £200,000 diamond encrusted shoe


Jada Dubai launch £200,000 diamond encrusted shoe

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Jada Dubai has launched a new collection that could happily solve a heap of 'What should I buy for Valentine's' dilemmas but cheapskates might like to look away now since the Maison's piece de resistance will cost just shy of £220,000.

The “Imperative of Royalty” collection is a range of unique jewel encrusted high heeled shoes with the Masterpiece the first in the world to be bejeweled with 54 carats of white diamonds and 416,2 carats white sapphires. 

A mix of yellow gold and platinum has been used inside and on the soles and having taken an entire year to make, it is inevitable that there is just the one pair available worldwide.

'Grace Kelly' (right) and 180 carats rubies,33 carats brilliant cut diamonds and gold (left) from Jada Dubai's 'Imperative of Royalty' collection 

However, there are four other limited edition shoes in the collection all named after famous royal women, from Princess Diana to Grace Kelly, Cleopatra and Napolean’s Josephine. 

Only 10 pairs are available in total, all made from the finest Italian leather and using a mix of white and black brilliant and rose cut diamonds in different sizes, emeralds, citrine, rubies white sapphires, topaz and rose quartz.

The UAE-based fashion brand Jada Dubai was set up a year ago by Maria Majari, who studied fashion in ESMOD Paris and ESMOD Dubai and is Chief Designer and business partner Elena Traistaru, both inspired by the challenge of transforming dreamlike shoes into reality and creating a high level of exclusivity which they have most certainly done with prices starting at around £2600 per pair.


'Princess Grace' and 'Cleopatra' from Jada Dubai's “Imperative of Royalty' collection


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