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Jacobs the Jewellers’ launch annual competition as its first online virtual exhibition

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Jacobs the Jewellers, Reading’s oldest independent jewellery retailer, this week announced the start of its annual Emerging Designer competition with 2020 being a totally online virtual exhibition allowing international participation with internet powered voting.  

Normally an instore only experience based in the renowned Reading store, the organisers took the view to move entirely online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The new format will also help widen the audience for the established event’s growing reputation.  

2020’s sixth edition will feature 5 talented designers competing in two categories, a silver object and a piece of jewellery. From 25th May a week of social media posts will share the artists’ inspirations; the following week will preview each of the competitors work. The final week from 13th June will allow online voting with social media posts supporting the competition. Anyone who views the virtual gallery, hosted at can vote, from across the globe.  

The winner will be announced on 21st June, with the winner of each category securing £350 to spend on tools at HS Walsh, one of the UKs leading jewellery tool suppliers. 

The annual competition has been made possible for the Bishopsland Educational Trust through the initiative, co-operation and support of Jacobs the Jewellers, the Goldsmiths’ Centre and HS Walsh. Local arts organisation ‘Jelly’, supporters since the competition’s inception in 2014, once again lend their enthusiasm and promotional skills through their award-winning organisation’s network. All parties are supporting this competition with a clear commitment to the craft and artists of Bishopsland Educational Trust not to mention Reading as a creative centre in the South East.


Rebecca van Rooijen


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