Crafted with Love. Curated with Taste. Worn with Character


It's All In The Wrist

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Crafted With Love. Curated With Taste. Worn With Character.

With the official start of Spring upon us, the Auverture boutique have curated a selection of artisan designed and made bracelets, cuffs and bangles crafted by designers Delfina Delettrez, Bibi van der Velden, Pamela Love, Ana Khouri, Monique Péan and Sara Beltran.

The hand-picked springtime line up uses precious materials such as walrus ivory, mammoth ivory, shark teeth, Tahitian black pearls and polki diamonds to create unique and timeless pieces.

Moon Phase Bracelet, Pamela Love
The stunning ‘Moon Phase Bracelet’ is a circular-link bracelet crafted from a series of 18ct rose gold discs, each one marginally different from the next and with pavé full cut white diamonds used to depict different phases of the moon on each disc.

Fossilized Jet Cuff by Monique Péan
The 'Fossilized Jet Cuff' has a powerful appeal, fashioned in fossilized black jet and studded with tiny white diamonds set in 18ct, recycled yellow gold. 

Fossilized Walrus Cuff by Monique Péan
A striking yet unobtrusive design, the 'Fossilized Walrus Cuff' is fashioned in fossilized walrus ivory. It is studded with three small white diamonds, which are set in 18ct recycled yellow gold.


Fossil Shark Tooth Diamond Cuff by Sara Beltran
The fossilized shark’s teeth at the tips of this cuff bring an elemental energy to this piece. The design is fashioned in 18ct rose gold, and each tooth has a rose cut white diamond at its base.

Multicolor Mirian Bracelet by Ana Khouri
Simple yet intriguing, the 'Multicolour Mirian Bracelet' is designed as an open-ended cuff, so it appears to be suspended on the wrist. In 18ct yellow, fair-trade gold, the design sparkles with clusters of white diamonds, multi-coloured sapphires, and tourmalines.MULTICOLOR MIRIAN 

Classic Bracelet by Sara Beltran
This rose gold bracelet is a strong, elegant piece. The design fastens with a shark fin-shaped catch finished in black enamel, thus providing a discreet accent on this striking design.

Crocodile Bangle by Bibi van der Velden
The ‘Crocodile Bangle’ combines 18ct yellow gold with a hand carved crocodile honed from 40,000 year old woolly mammoth tusk.

Petite Shark Tooth Diamond Cuff by Sara Beltran
A truly elegant piece, this cuff is set with a real shark tooth and marquise diamond at both of its ends.

Tahitian Pearl Cuff by Sara Beltran
Two luminous, Tahitian black pearls draw the eye to this beautiful cuff bracelet, which is made in 18ct rose gold. Two pear shaped white diamonds sit atop the pearls, and shark fin shapes are engraved in black enamel along the edge of the bracelet. 


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