From Tenerife to Hatton Garden, new fine jewellery brand releases 'Ora'


Inspired by light, Aureliean debuts the Ora collection

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Fine jewellery brand Aureliean has launched the Ora collection, a delicate range of precious jewellery that celebrates the beauty of light.

Ora, which means light in Hebrew and is derived from the Spanish word for gold, is inspired by the golden light-filled landscape of the island of Tenerife. Enhancing the delicate yet substantial beauty of each piece, the jewellery is available in either 18ct white, yellow or rose gold and set with brilliant-cut, conflict-free diamonds.

The brand are also set to soon launch their ‘Flame’ collection, which, in contrast of the focus on the elegant simplicity of diamonds that ‘Ora’ provides, promises a colourful, eclectic vibe with a focus on gemstones and stacking.

Aureliean was founded by designer Elizabeth Harrison in 2017 following a trip to Tenerife, where she made the life-changing decision to change career path from law and set up her own fine jewellery brand, creating exquisite pieces that celebrate British craftsmanship. 


All Aureliean jewellery is handmade in London’s Hatton Garden by a team of highly skilled craftspeople, who use traditional artisanal techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. The brand works exclusively with 18ct gold, diamonds only sourced from countries compliant with the Kimberly process and quality coloured stones.

Each year, a percentage of the company’s profits is given back to support local communities and government initiatives to improve the lives of the people living within them, with a particular focus on providing women in mining communities with access to healthcare and educational opportunities. Aureliean also supports the PositiveChange! Foundation, which was recently set up to help underprivileged women across the globe gain access to better healthcare and education. At home, it supports local London charities though sponsorship and mentorship programmes.

You can keep up to date with the brand ahead of the launch through their Instagram- where sneak peaks and concept sketches are released first- or visit the website for more information. 


Jessica Green


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