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Innovative Training For Small Scale Jewellery Manufacturing

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The Bespoke Jewellery Training Company has announced its latest training course innovation for jewellery designer makers and jewellery graduates.

Dawn Meaden Johnson’s company had created a link from the handmade to small-scale manufacturing by providing a live mentored project made up of series of mini bespoke consultancy sessions provided by collaboration with jewellery industry specialists based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Dawn said of the new approach to specialist jewellery professional development,

“Taking the leap into small scale manufacturing can be a daunting prospect for jewellery Designer Makers however this new course offers mentored guidance throughout the whole process from design to post manufacture, the aim being to create a business model for future success via a live project.

“By combining handmade and production line pieces in their ranges Jewellers have the potential to offer a wider price point options to their customers and have the potential to increase their profit margin, a business concept this course was specifically designed to support ."  She added.

The bespoke course series is created to be flexible, session dates are set by the jewellers so that their training can successfully fit in between their business commitments.


Sarah Salmon


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