Maya pledges to use recycled gold, diamonds and sustainably sourced pearls.


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Maya Selway pledges in association with Fair Luxury to work towards making a positive change within the jewellery industry and use business as a force for good in 2021.

Maya Selway Fine Jewellery has taken the next steps in moving towards being a business that nurtures a more sustainable environmental and social future by pledging with Fair Luxury to create jewellery that is handcrafted using only recycled gold, diamonds and sustainably sourced pearls.

The first of these pieces have been added to her timeless Held collection and can be viewed as a capsule group at Tomfoolery in Muswell Hill as part of their alt Bride exhibition between the 24 April- 12 June 2021.

Maya has long been working with recycled gold as a way of avoiding the harmful environmental impact of mining, but recycled diamonds are a new addition for the brand. Maya loves the idea of using stones that have been cherished by a previous owner, "like new flowers born from ancient bulbs." Additionally she's now also using sustainably farmed South Sea pearls.

Maya Selway is a London based Fine Jewellery brand established in 2014, with a contemporary feminine aesthetic and a poetic philosophy.


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