IJL Name Five Editor’s Choice Winners For 2016


IJL Name Five Editor’s Choice Winners For 2016

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The winners of IJL’s popular and hard-fought exhibitors’ competition, Editor’s Choice have been announced. 

Chosen for their creative and innovative designs as well as commercial aptitude, the winning line-up includes

  • David Miracca
  • John Moore Jewellery
  • Kickstarter Vicky Lew
  • Samsares Jewelry from Switzerland and
  • Tezer Design from Germany

The judges, Claire Adler, luxury communications consultant and Financial Times contributor, and Event Director Sam Willoughby, selected the winners from a range of categories, which included the new category ‘German Style’ - in recognition of the quality and creativity of German craftsmanship, as part of the Market Focus for 2016. 


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Claire Adler was impressed by the winning five, explaining, “Judging IJL Editor’s Choice 2016 has been challenging and exciting. The well-deserved winners have created outstanding pieces of jewellery. IJL Editor’s Choice is a UK based international talent spotting competition and I’m pleased to say the standards remain high. I’m looking forward to a buzzing show!”

The 2016 winners are:

Visual Impact
A show stopping piece or collection that photographs well and will look good on the page.
Winner: David Miracca
Titanium Amethyst Ring: Amethyst centre. Inside shank microset set with 1.86ct F VS1 diamonds
David Miracca creates timeless jewellery with definite influences from the great British and European jewellery houses; a flair he developed during his early training in London and Geneva. The piece, worked in titanium, with true craftsmanship and is finished to an impeccable standard, with a beautiful colour and the stones have been set to perfection.

Overall Originality 
A truly unique piece or a collection which highlights the talents of the designer.
Winner: Vicky Lew London
Flight Collection: Thalurania Colombica Earrings made with sapphire, topaz, spinel, rhodolite and smoky quartz, hand-set in black rhodium-plated 18kt white and yellow gold

FLIGHT is Vicky Lew’s début collection, fuelled by nature-inspired forms and the juxtaposition of these forms on the human body.  Employing a traditional pavé-setting method, the instantaneous moment of take-off is alluded to through the use of perspective-localized angles, whereby the birds are only revealed from certain angles. As a result, a fleeting moment is afforded to the audience, giving the gem-set birds movement as the wearer moves. Pieces from this collection are made with Swarovski Gemstones, pavé-set in palladium and 18ct yellow gold.

Technical Excellence
A piece or collection that is worked with technical innovation or a rarely used technique, resulting in a thought provoking piece.
Winner: John Moore Jeweller
Diamond Verto Necklace - Sterling silver, 18ct gold, 29 diamonds, silicone, magnets
Winner of The Goldsmiths’ Company Award 2016, artist John Moore, is known for his distinctive designs with fluid movement and use of colour. Materials including anodised aluminium, silver, steel, wood, silicone and gold, are engineered to create unique specimens. Clever use of a silicon cord enables the individual discs to take their place in the composition of the necklace without losing their flexibility in relation to each other. The technical execution ensures a controlled movement, giving the wearer the opportunity to interact with the piece, without losing the makers visual and conceptual intention.

Commercial Vision
A piece or collection produced in volume that demonstrates thorough research of the target market and current trends - destined to become a best seller.
Winner: Samsares Fine Jewelry
A collection of pendants, rings and bracelets in recycled 18 karat rose gold with stones including white and pink opals, rose quartz and orange carnelian
Floral folklore is the signature of this Swiss based brand, known for their playfully elegant, contemporary fine jewellery created in sustainably sourced 18K gold. This company is dedicated to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and compliance to the standards of excellence for all manufacturing processes. Their gold is recycled in specialized Swiss refineries which meet the most stringent norms of environmental protection.

German Style 
A jewellery piece from a German exhibitor at IJL evoking impeccable German craftsmanship and design.
Winner: Tezer Design
The Bauhaus Design influence has led to simplicity and reduced forms becoming a synonym for German Design. Sema Sezen , Managing Director of Tezer Design,  likes to work with basic geometric forms. Her design philosophy is a pars pro toto system.  She works with a single element, to which she adds more feminine and playful touches. Her contemporary pieces are all handmade.

All the winning pieces will be on show at IJL 2016.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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