Holts Academy of Jewellery Reveal Re-Brand


Holts Academy of Jewellery Under New Management

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Holts Academy of Jewellery has announced that it is now under new leadership, and has been undergoing strategic change over the last year.

The change in ownership for the educational establishment means a new era and with this a new name. Holts Academy of Jewellry announced with this that ss of the 25 January it will be known as will be known as the British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ).

The BAJ have further announced the intention to retain its traditional values and dedication to teaching excellence, which it developed as it evolved as an education provider.

A spokesman for the Adademy commented, “We now seek to champion British jewellery education and have a renewed commitment to protecting the future of the British jewellery industry.”

The Academy now look forward to working with industry to drive the future of the trade and British craftsmanship.



Rebecca van Rooijen


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