Henryka marks

World Oceans Day

with new sea themed design


Henryka marks World Oceans Day with new sea life designs

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The campaign to protect the oceans from plastics and other garbage is gaining momentum and British jewellery maker Henryka has signed up with a commitment to reducing waste and by extending its sea themed range to draw attention to World Oceans Day on June 8th.

Blue Planet II, the hit BBC TV series that delivered a clear and shocking message about the scale of the  plastics problem and the harm it was doing to the ocean's ecological systems, has triggered a flurry of interest in all things related to saving the oceans, including jewellery featuring designs of sea animals under threat.

“Rather than being a fad, protecting and preserving the oceans is essential for the future of our planet," said Henryka founder Anna Emmett.

"As a nature-inspired brand, our focus is on the great British countryside, but also the animals that make our coastlines and seas so diverse."

Henryka has seen a marked increase in sales of their sea life designs, which are part of its All Creatures Great & Small Collection, and is now extending the range to include a pair of Seahorse stud earrings, to be launched  later this year.

Highlights of the current range include the Turtle necklace available with a cognac amber or turquoise body encased in a sterling silver shell (RRP £120) and the Octopus stud earring, also available in turquoise or cognac amber (RRP £35).

Sea life items from Henryka's popular All Creatures Great and Small Collection

Henryka will also mark World Oceans Day by reaffirming its commitment to reducing plastic waste at its own-brand boutique in Hereford and through its dealings with its retail partners, which now number close to 80 independent jewellery retailers, nature reserves and garden centres.

"For World Oceans Day, we will be showcasing our sea-inspired ranges and securing feedback to grow our collections. Blue Planet II has been a huge catalyst and we look forward to doing more environmentally-friendly work in the future.”

Henryka has partnered with local Herefordshire business, Pedicargo, to ensure all its paper, card and plastics are collected via bike – therefore reducing its overall carbon footprint. In addition, the brand drastically reduced the amount of plastic used in its packaging during a complete overhaul in the summer of 2017.

World Oceans Day - global campaign to reduce plastic waste 

World Oceans Day (June 8, 2018) is a global fundraising and awareness event, designed to shed light on the impact of plastic waste and other disruptive activities that damage the ecology of the world’s oceans. More information can be found at worldoceansday.org.


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