David Fowkes COO to climb Kilimanjaro


Head of David Fowkes Jewellery Climbs New Heights

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Dr Rona Mackenzie, Chief Operating Officer of jewellery designer, David Fowkes, is to embark upon the challenge of a lifetime in order to support UK innovators in business.

Rona has pledged to climb the highest points in each of the seven continents of the world, starting with Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, last month.

All funds raised by Rona will support a new charity, D3, launched to help support businessmen and women in getting creative, innovative and dynamic projects off the ground.

David Fowkes is generously supporting D3 through the creation of a unique, handmade piece of jewellery for each of the seven climbs. For this first adventure, David has chosen tanzanite, a gemstone only found in Tanzania. It has been hand-cut in Germany and flown to the UK where David has designed a stunning pendant which will accompany Rona on her climbing adventure.

Rona will be joining renowned ultramarathon runner and author, Charlie Engle, who will be pushing the human body’s physical and mental limitations to the limits in his dream of becoming the first person to climb from the lowest point – the depths of the dead sea - to the highest – the tip of Mount Everest - in each of the seven continents of the world on a global adventure spanning several years.  Charlie will swim, free dive, run, paddle, mountain bike and climb his way through multiple countries to support/raise funds for www.green.org. 

Rona is the only person to join Charlie on all of the seven climbs and says: “So many great ideas never see the light of day because of the difficulties in getting something off the ground.  D3 was launched to provide different levels of support to help bridge this gap, whether guidance, mentoring or funding. 

“The opportunity to join Charlie on this challenge fulfils a long-held ambition and I am delighted to be the only person to be accompanying him on all seven of the climbs.”

If you have an idea that you would like to get off the ground or would like to support Rona in her fund-raising efforts, full details of the charity and Rona’s adventures can be found at www.d3it.co.uk and on Instagram @D3_IT

The creation and journey of the David Fowkes pendant can be found at www.d3it.co.uk/blog and www.davidfowkes.com/blog


Rebecca van Rooijen


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