"Designing bridge to beauty and luxury”


HASHI: founded by Hamda Al Mansoori, Dubai

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HASHI make fine jewellery  accessible to both genders and all age groups by combining passion and innovation to fine crafted jewellery. 

HASHI is more than a fine jewellery brand. It values the client’s perspective of making their interests into a memorable work of art and produce a masterpiece to every man and woman who appreciates the finer things in life. They make fine jewellery  accessible to both genders and all age groups by combining passion and innovation to fine crafted jewellery. “Designing bridge to beauty and luxury” as their guiding principle.

Founded on passion and courage HASHI was created in 2013 in Dubai by Hamda Al Mansoori and it has grown through on-boarding creators and talented minds into the Maison. 

“The sky is the limit to our dreams, we are shifting the meanings to show the real beauty, drawing the way to luxury on our bridge” says Hamda.

Today HASHI is more alive than ever. It is a jewellery design house having its own designing team, providing full jewellery manufacturing facility and producing fine and high-end jewellery. Hashi is also into investments and corporate. The team takes care of jewellery designers and other companies from manufacturing, supplying gemstones and diamonds and other material services.

Furthermore, HASHI has a charity unit for the community and has an advisory section in which the team provides counsel service to newly established businesses and aspiring designers in the field of jewellery. HASHI will be a participant of the next edition of the Milano Jewelry Week and its commitment to design a way to beauty and luxury opens its doors to collaborate with MIM, a talented Emirati designer, vlogger, and influencer in Dubai.

HASHI introduces three new collections: Tu Pinky Ring: Promise Me Power, Matt Firoza Pinky Ring: Promise Me Infinity and Full Diamond Ring with Ruby: Promise Me Love.

The work of art of each collections of HASHI X MIM celebrates a masterpiece of a breath-taking, modern, and vibrant designs that will encourage, inspire, and empower every woman. All pieces are designed with cultural and modern inspired pieces made through the precious and coloured gemstones. HASHI brings together a contemporary combination of diamonds and gemstones that hark back to a visionary collection with new designs that naturally complement the concept of a strong woman with commitment to promises, love, beauty, and power.

“With HASHI fine jewellery timeless designs. Every day is special, the ordinary becomes priceless.”


Rebecca van Rooijen


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