Charles Nobel launches a new range of lab-grown diamonds


Hampshire jeweller introduces lab-grown diamonds collection

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Family-owned and run jewellery business in New Milton, Charles Nobel is bringing more choice to its collection in time for the festive season by launching a new range of lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are created by subjecting a diamond seed to extreme temperatures and pressures, with rough lab-grown stones crystalising within three to four weeks.

Piers Bollard, Director at Charles Nobel commented: “For as long as any of us can remember, diamonds have been the most coveted of gemstones. The introduction of lab-grown diamonds is now causing shockwaves in the world of jewellery.

“The techniques and processes for making these products have become exceptionally refined over time, so much so that you need highly sophisticated detection machines to be able to tell the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds. The structure, hardness and optical properties are all the same, and lab-grown diamonds go through exactly the same process of cutting and polishing as a natural stone.”

Charles Nobel is offering a stunning selection of lab-grown diamonds, with a range of cuts available and the option to personalise jewellery using the store’s popular Tailor Made service. The jeweller’s existing natural diamond collection is also being extended to cater for a broad range of customer needs.

Piers Bollard continued: “Diamonds are renowned for their special qualities and rich sentimental value. With Christmas approaching, we wanted to make these beautiful stones more accessible by expanding our range, enabling more people to enjoy truly special pieces they can cherish forever.

“Purchasing a lab-grown diamond doesn’t mean you’re compromising on quality by any means. As diamond specialists, we are committed to using the best quality stones out there through our strong network of suppliers.”

Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular in the jewellery industry in recent times thanks to their identical properties to natural diamonds and comparatively lower price points. Luxury brands including DeBeers, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany are among those which have invested in lab-grown diamond production.

Piers Bollard added: “Purchasing a lab-grown diamond can be as much as ten times more cost-effective than opting for its natural counterpart. However, we appreciate that natural diamonds will remain a preference for many, which is why our lab-grown collection is simply an extension of our current offering – not a replacement. Choice is key, and we hope our new range enables more people to experience the joy these beautiful stones can bring.”


Rebecca van Rooijen


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