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H S Walsh & Sons present Elma Clean EC55 Ultrasonic Solution, proven to be effective against Covid 19

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As the jewellery and watch trade looks to re-open to the public, H S Walsh are pleased to exclusively add Elma’s ultrasonic fluid Elma Clean EC55 – HF7055, proven to be effective against Coronavirus, to their range of cleaning solutions.

With the Government go-ahead for non-essential retail to re-open from the 15 June, many businesses are making careful preparations to meet the guidelines for ensuring the safety of both staff and customers. One of the key areas to consider is the effective cleaning of retail stock or items for repair.

Andrew Willgress, Walsh’s Chief Horological Buyer says:

“Jewellery and watches, by their very nature have a high level of skin contact and the virus has the potential for surviving for prolonged periods on their hard surfaces. We were looking at our current ultrasonic fluid range for a solution to this problem and eventually approached our supplier, Elma for some further guidance.

They suggested the EC55 fluid, originally formulated for the Dental industry and already proven to destroy the Covid 19 and can be used on hard metals such as steel, silver, gold and platinum as well as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It is recommended that the fluid is used in a separate, dedicated ultrasonic unit such as our Elma S10/H – HU191 and used to clean any client pieces for repair, before evaluation and work takes place, and on repaired work, new stock and any pieces handled on the shop floor before they are returned to the customer/display. The fluid has a recommended dosage of just 2% and remains effective for up to 7 days so a 1L bottle makes up to 50L of ultrasonic solution.

EC55 seems perfect for the industry’s developing needs and we are proud to be the exclusive supplier of this innovative Elma product in the UK.”

H S Walsh have branches in London & Birmingham, both of which were closed as the country went into lockdown. The company has, however, continued to supply the industry from their head office in Biggin Hill with a skeleton staff and are now putting their own plans in place to safely re-open their other sites.

Joint CEO, Patrick Sheehan says

“By reviewing our working practices and allowing some staff to work from home we were able to provide a safe environment for our head office team to continue dispatching orders, focussing heavily on our online sales, but we are essentially a company that excels at customer interaction and we are working hard to be able to safely welcome our customers back in store!

We are also looking at our product range and how we can help our customers adapt to the new way of working. For example, ultrasonic cleaning is not suitable for many soft metal alloys or amorphous and soft gemstones, but we have a strong range of steam cleaning machines as an alternative. Many retail shop floor staff will need equipment such as eye glasses or sizers for exclusive individual use, so we are looking at creating cost effective product collections and naturally we are ramping up our stocks of PPE for longer term supply. We are on target for opening our branches again on the 15 and we are very much looking forward to helping the industry adjust to the new normal.”

Elma Clean EC 55 Cleaning Solution HF7055  - £42.95 + VAT 1L


Rebecca van Rooijen


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