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Grant MacDonald: Timed To Perfection

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The elegance of a Grant Macdonald timepiece imparts London-made luxury to the mantelpiece, tabletop or desk. The silversmithing house has launched a range of new designs in a portfolio of precious metals and design aethetics.

Grant MacDonalds has launched a range of mantlepieces pieces designed as a generous symbol of refinement when given as a gift.

The range includes Imperial Timepiece, standing half a metre high and honouring the 18th Century French Ormolu clock tradition, and King's Mantel in sterling silver and 24 carat gold , as well as bespoke luxury clocks which can fit a range of customer requirements.

The decorative pieces take design inspiration from all corners of the world, from the Palace of Versailles to the geometric patterns of the Middle East.

Marrying this with the ingenuity of contemporary British silversmithing, Grant Macdonald's clocks are truly unique creations to be treasured for a lifetime, and beyond.



Sarah Salmon


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