Grant Macdonald Silversmiths Complete Silver Falcon


Grant Macdonald Silversmiths Complete Life-Size Falcon

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Grant Macdonald Silversmiths have recently completed a commission comprising a silver falcon. Their falcon was meticulously made by hand, every feather chased in by hand to obtain a realistic look and feel as possible.

At every stage of production the Grant Macdonald master craftsmen used their skill and knowledge to make sure that each piece of the work was perfect. 

Chasing is an ancient technique, from the noun to chase referring to a furrow or indent, the metal is moved not removed. Using this technique, every feather is observed and recreated giving a sense of depth and movement.  

This piece took the Grant Macdonald workshop a total of 350 hours to make. This majestic Sterling silver and 24ct gold falcon measures 120cm from wing tip to wing tipand can be viewed in the Grant Macdonald London Showroom at harrods 

Venue: 2nd floor, Homewares, Luxury Dining, Harrods


Sarah Salmon


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