Grant Macdonald creates 'Ruaha' 


Grant Macdonald creates 'Ruaha' for TUSK

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World renowned silversmih Grant Macdonald has created a handcrafted sterling silver lion representation named 'Ruaha' to be sold in their Harrods showrooms, from which proceeds of sales will support the charity Tusk and lion conservation.

Driven by the fact that lions may now number as few as twenty thousand in the wild, the team of designers and craftsmen at Grant Macdonald wanted to create a unique piece to raise awareness and funds to help to preserve this majestic animal. The sale of their unique sterling silver lion ‘Ruaha’ will provide a significant contribution to further the work of Tusk.

The beautifully handcrafted lion is the work of many talented craftspeople within the Grant macdonald team, the production of the work has involved many processes, from the newest technology to ancient techniques, finished with the hallmark of the London Assay Office.

The lion represents the first part of the brand's ongoing initiative with Tusk which will grow to include other endangered species.


The silver lion has been named after the large National Park in Tanzania, where Tusk is working in partnership with the Ruaha Carnivore project which is developing conservation techniques for the large carnivores in this globally important ecosystem.

Lions today occupy less than 10% of their historic range having suffered from habitat loss, declines in their prey, and retaliatory or pre-emptive killing to protect life and livestock. Habitat loss has left a number of populations isolated, particularly in West Africa. They may also be threatened by disease, and more recently they have been targeted for traditional Chinese medicine, with their bones serving as a substitute for tiger bones.

How the sale of ‘Ruaha’ will help Tusk

Some examples of how the sale of ‘Ruaha’ will help lion conservation are

  • Salaries for 3 core staff members for 1 year
    Staff members conduct research, construct shelters to protect livestock at night, manage community benefits and arrange educational visits to the park. These visits increase awareness about the Park’s role and value to the local area.
  • Radio - satellite collars for monitoring and protecting lion in the wild.
    These help to develop a better understanding of the lions ranging patterns and where the priority areas for habitat protection are.
  • 4 – 6 Simba scholarships
    These fully funded scholarships for all four years of secondary education are valuable way to provide extra community support showing that conservation can improve local lives and futures.

Grant Macdonald' Craftsmanship

Producing objects of rarity, quality and craftsmanship is the philosophy at Grant Macdonald and is at the heart of all the Company creates. By combining centuries old techniques with the latest technology, the designers and craftsman at Grant Macdonald realise the true beauty of precious materials, creating timeless objects to be enjoyed by future generations. Our uncompromising bespoke craftsmanship challenges today’s transient world of mass production and celebrates the making of exceptional handmade pieces.

Grant Macdonald has been granted a Royal Warrant as Goldsmiths & Silversmiths to HRH The Prince of Wales, the highest possible endorsement of their work.

‘Ruaha’ - the Details

  • One of a kind art work sold with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Scale 1:4
  • Length 51cm Width 11cm Height 26cm
  • Ruaha is the result of 160 hours work by nine individual craftsmen
  • Available from
  • £46,000


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