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Goldsmiths Fair 2019 Opens

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Goldsmiths’ Fair 2019, the fine jewellery and contemporary silver event returns this autumn to showcase extraordinary talent and celebrate collecting.

‘Collecting is ultimately an investment in meaning. Treasure those objects that inspire you, acquire others and before you know it, you’ve started collecting.’ 
David Mills, Director, Goldsmiths’ Fair

The 37th Goldsmiths’ Fair, the UK’s premier precious metal jewellery and contemporary silver selling event, takes place 24 September – 6 October (closed 30 September) at historic Goldsmiths’ Hall in the heart of the City of London.  With 136 jewellers and silversmiths showcasing their latest collections expect innovative design, cutting edge techniques, bespoke treasures and unparalleled creativity.

This year the Fair is celebrating ‘collectors’ and ‘collections’ encouraging everyone to ask, ‘What makes an object meaningful and why?’  Is it the unique design?  The fact that it’s a one-off, made by hand, that it’s made in the UK using a combination of ancient and cutting-edge techniques?  Is it the precious material or the personal aesthetic of the maker that makes an object meaningful?  Perhaps your input resulted in a special commission to mark an auspicious occasion or celebrate a significant relationship.  Goldsmiths’ Fair is the perfect place to explore these questions as you peruse the latest collections from the best goldsmiths and silversmiths working today.

Special Exhibitions

Containing Silver – Precious Metal Boxes

This exhibition brings together excellent examples of silver boxes from the Goldsmiths’ Company Collection and the Pearson Silver Collection. When master silversmiths take on the challenge of creating a box, the results can be unexpectedly magical.

The Art of Collecting

What drives collectors to collect? This exhibition showcases treasured items from the collections of six unique collectors along with interviews describing the inspiration that compels them to collect.

Historic and Contemporary Plate

The Goldsmiths’ Company collection of historic silver plate is regularly displayed in the Livery Hall for formal occasions. Since 2000, the Company has commissioned living makers such as Angela Cork and Rauni Higson to create pieces of contemporary plate for display at less formal occasions. For the first time, elements from both the historic and contemporary plate collections will be shown alongside one another in a unique and provocative display.

Talks and Tours

Most days, the Fair hosts industry experts in conversation on important topics such as sustainability, luxury craft, silver Judaica, gemstones, craftsmanship and iconic jewellery brands.  Speakers include jewellery experts, gemstone specialists, jewellery editors, designers, master craftsmen, curators and industry trend watchers.

Small-group tours hosted by industry insiders are also available.  For the full programme go to our website:

Wedding Jewellery Consultations

Goldsmiths’ Fair has partnered Kate Buxton, of the online wedding jewellery blog, to provide consulting and advice for navigating what can be one of the trickiest decisions anyone can make.  Sign-up to hear Kate speak or book a one-on-one consulting session on the website: 

Event Details

Goldsmiths’ Fair

24 September – 6 October (closed 30 September)

Opening Times:             11am – 6pm (Thursdays late till 8pm) 11am – 4pm Sunday

Venue:                            Goldsmiths’ Hall, Foster Lane London EC2V 6BN

Tickets:                          Entry (valid for one week) £18 (Advanced/Early Bird online £15)

Entry (valid for two weeks) £24 (Advanced/Early Bird online £20)

Morning Talk:                 £10 with valid entry ticket.

Afternoon Talks:            FREE, no booking required.

Tours:                             Online booking required


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